Marker Signs!


Staff member
Thanks to the wizardry of red and the help of mikeprimm we now have a lovely little addition to our Dynmap arsenal.

Any builder (or higher rank) can now place signs on open plots or available minis which create Marker Flags on our Dynmap.

For these to work the signs must be written in a specific way. At the moment you can designate either an available [plot] or available [mini]

Any text you write below either [plot] or [mini] will appear on the Dynmap marker.
A sound and animation will play when you place the sign correctly.

For example:
Looks like this on the map:

When someone claims a plot, they can break the sign and the flag disappears! Neat right?

When looking at the Dynmap make sure you have the "Available Mini" and "Open Plot" layers selected.


My hope is that this is a much easier way to keep track of what is available and where, and might eventually make /warp build redundant.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and mark those plots!