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To my knowledge, projects that have been officially abandoned are in the Incomplete (alternatively, Not Started) category.
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Hello friends!
After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, our projects list and old wiki have now effectively merged into one.
The projects list, weightings, statuses, and all wiki content has moved to the new Wiki and Progress pages.
The original post on this thread has been updated to reflect this.

The hope is that by having all of this information in one easily accessible place it will be much easier for us to keep track of progress and record the local history of the server. I have to say it has been a great pleasure looking through the old forums and reading old wiki articles, I would encourage you all to have a good look around the wiki, especially if you have completed a few builds in the past. Please post if you see any mistakes, or have any suggestions or requests for changes.

You might have also seen the new Wiki Submissions Guide, which updates the old wiki submission format. If you see any completed projects with missing or incomplete wiki articles, feel free to submit one!

None of this would have been possible without the hard work of those who have come before including but not limited to @Demodocus, @lemonbear, @otty, and @Wazgamer.
Many thanks also to our glorious leader @geeberry aka pizzainacup for making this all happen.
Additional thanks to @CashBanks for his spectacular pixel art banners and @Ricardus for his detailed article submissions.

We hope that this thread continues to operate as it always has, by being a place to discuss how we locate, organize, and record projects in our community.
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