Large Test Plots Are Coming!

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By IwanDeLarch on Jan 16, 2019 at 3:17 PM
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    Hi all,

    the last few days we've expanded test a little bit, occupying the unused areas in the top and bottom areas. We hope to expand even further in the near future, if that is logistically feasable.

    Meanwhile, we started setting up the large, 200x200 test plots we promised ages ago. Hooray!
    There are now 28 of these available, but please don't rush to claim one!

    Because space is limited and clearing space without irreversibly removing stuff is not easy, we are going to slowly integrate old test plots into new ones. Going from bottom to top, we will successively move plots out of the way (either to the top right corner, if we haven't seen you for a while) or to one of the brand new plots) to make way for more plots.

    This means:
    • You can not claim a large plot yourself but will be assigned one
    • This whole ordeal will take a lot of time, please be patient
    • We are moving your warps, too, but we're just putting them somewhere obvious on the new plot. If you need them placed somewhere special, ask one of the mods to move it for you.
    • If we forget to move your warp and instead of your beloved test plot, you find a gaping hole in the ground, go search in either the top right corner of test or the bottom area where the large plots are.
    • No guarantee that stuff built outside your plots limits will be moved. We do try to arrange for as little impact on your stuff as possible, tho.
    • Be happy for those builders that received a new test plot already
    • If you're being pushy you'll get your plot last :mad:
    Moving stuff around test is difficult, especially while the double-chest bug persists. It's hugely time consuming to find all double chests that are left behind by moving a plot. You can help if you clear your test plots of all unnecessary double chests. Chests that contain items are copied, so don't be afraid to lose your favourite head collection.

    After your plot has been moved please check if everything is A-OK. If not, uh, sorry.
    Doing large WE tasks is always a risk, and the double-chest bug makes pastes irreversible, if chunks contained a double-chest. I already fucked up someone's plot, and it might happen again. The fewer double-chests on your plot, the smaller is the risk for your and other people's plots.



Discussion in 'News' started by IwanDeLarch, Jan 16, 2019.

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    1. IwanDeLarch
      Just to make this absolutely clear: Do not ask me or any other mod to set you up with a test plot. You'll get it, eventually. We're not playing favourites.

      This operation is tedious and boring and I don't always feel like working on this, so it might very well be a couple weeks or even months until we set everyone up. Be patient. And I mean it when I say that if you bother me about it, I'll set you up last. Feel discouraged from even bringing it up.
    2. IwanDeLarch
      Hi all!
      Turns out I should have just waited another week.

      We've now got plenty of space. I made a bunch of test plots in the south, please everyone just GO AHEAD AND GRAB ONE. Have a mod or editor move your plot, and help cleaning up the remains, please.
      Mods/Editors: After moving a plot, please set the area (including everything underground BUT without the bedrock layer) to grass and the biome to plains. Thanks!

      Please keep our new areas clear of any nonsense, too. I don't wanna stumble upon random builds somewhere out in the pampa. Your plots are sufficiently large for anything you'd wanna build (and if not, we'll figure something out!)

      Cheers, and thanks for the patience!
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      With everyone getting set up with extra large plots now, please consider moving all those castles, houses, or other tests that have wandered astray all across the test world to your plot. We're going to remove any random builds at some point in the future (not without further warning).

      Please, organize your stuff.
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