Lands of House Lychester by NoMoreFun_


Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
Very innovative, I even recognise the stilt houses designs a bit :D haha.

Looks rather nice, sorry I’ve been inactive but considering how you’re last Riverlands project turned out I’d be more than happy to approve this.


Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
P.S theres some empty land around your borders, they could make be good for immersion builds.


Instead of ordinary bump
I add map with my vision of surroundings land of my project, I mostly based at things I found at forum ,but I have my own ideas.
PF - Pemford
RR- Riverrun lands at east bank(stone mill)
LoL- Lady of the leaves forest
GB- Goodbrook lands
JM- Justman lands
BR- more Bracken lands
SHV- Stony Hedge vassal
Also I have idea about lore for Lychesters and their future.
In farming hamlet next to river will be towerhouse, seat of younger branch of House which now become heirs of all lands(young boy heir and his mother his patron, father dead in Robert's rebellion).
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