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A Game of Blocks MMO
Ascent through the ranks of Westerosi Politics, from a common peasant to a high lord during the confusion of the “War of the Five Kings”. Gain riches by trade, make allies by clever diplomacy, sow chaos with false truces and win fierce battles in your pursuit towards the Iron Throne.

First person role-playing real-time strategy

Key Features
  • Build your own future by participating in a player-dependent political framework that affects every individual in game.
  • Team up with other players to manage all aspects of a Westerosi Family: gain resources, trade, raise taxes, make friends and allies, fight enemies.
  • Combine the Crafting and Gathering of Minecraft with the political complexity of the Seven Kingdoms and the vast continent of Westeros.
  • Explore a giant persistent map set amidst an alternate “War of the Five Kings”.
  • Participate in real-time politics & social interactions.
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General Gameplay
  • A massively multiplayer online experience in which the player may progress through 3 stages of political influence each providing a new set of challenges.
  • As a Commoner, its all about advancing your character: PvE (& possibly PvP) questing & exploration are the main challenges.
  • As a Kinsman, you start to shape the fate of Westeros by joining a Family. Choose your friends and foes carefully, as this stage relies heavily on PvP interactions through trade or combat or intrigues.
  • As a Warden, you are in command of an entire region by making political decisions about taxes, bonuses, war and peace. How long can you manage to stay on top before your peasants turn on you?
  • Choose 1 out of 3 classes that define your character and develop a playstyle that you prefer: Warrior, Archer, Scholar.

  • The game will feature a revamped version of the Minecraft melee combat centered around stamina and a plethora of weapons and damage types.
  • A giant seamless map about the size of Los Angeles.
  • Community-created custom storylines breathe life into this vast world
  • Players get awarded experience points for executing positive & negative social actions and basic quests, that are designed around the seamless map (with little to no instancing). Moreover, players get extra XP for exploring public areas like the major plot locations aswell as ruins and dungeons in the no-mans-land of Westeros.
  • Each level a player gets a certain amount of points to spend on unlocks in various skill trees. They can choose to max out one skilltree to specialize or decide to partially invest in several at once to follow a versatile playstyle.
  • Entering the subforum of your family will help you to bond tightly with your online companions, discuss secret strategies or engage in a roleplaying metagame.

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