In Progress House Nayland of Hag's Mire by Desmera


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Just some terra things. You need to have some sort of watershed (a area of higher land that directs water run-off) between your Hag's Mire swamp and sevenstreams wetlands and have the wetlands connect to the green fork rather than the blue fork. Reasons being:

-From what I can tell of your wetlands test/insp its a carr landscape (i.e. a flooded forest), meaning it should be connected to a source of running water.
-by not being a continuation of sevenstreams waterways, it would not necessitate any changes to the already good terra of the sevenstreams marsh.
-Means you can use the watershed, which doesn't have to be that high, as a spot to put roads, towns, towerhouse etc so they aren't in danger of collapsing as much as they might be.

Part of the bordering watershed could also be a 'raised bog'

These are formed by organic matter building up in a rain-fueled waterway and eventually becoming a mound of peat. Trees colonise the peat bog and lift it even higher, distorting groundwater and causing run off to go in either direction.
Best thing about them is that they give a possible industry to people. Peat is a fossil fuel and there are already examples of peat farming on the server.
In the below image is a walkway leading down from raised bog that has been colonised by pine trees in Cepkeliu, Lithuania.

Additionally, the test you have made seems to be monoculture pine. Alder is prevalent in carr wetlands, particularly on the waters edge, while poplars love water so it would be good to include those trees as well, maybe even a willow or two. Otherwise the test is brilliant and I love the app!


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Please be sure to take on board the terraforming advice above. I'm mindful that the land there is good but is able to be improved (see newer swampland on the server to see what's possible) I don't expect you to take on a huge terraforming project considering the lands beyond Hag's Mire will be looked at likely when we come to The Twins again.



Hey there mate! I actually was playing Nayland just a few weeks ago. If you join the discord, i’ll make sure to dm you all that happened during my time. But most importantly, you’re child lord snaptube vidmate is actually squire for the king!
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Just a quick note to say that Sevenstreams has been split off from this project.

Also here are some maps which I think accurately show Robbs march through the area (red is the route south through FM, blue the route north they are forced to take when the bridges wash out).

Text for reference

PS: EStoop I heard there was some talk of you wanting to re-terra this area?


Steward of Oldtown, Knight of Fairmarket
PS: EStoop I heard there was some talk of you wanting to re-terra this area?
I'm working on the area between Sevenstreams and Fairmarket, making it more wetlands and forest. I do not have plans to touch the rest of the area.
Here is an overview, with green being forest and yellow wetlands:

How other projecs deal with this is up to their imagination. Sevenstreams is pretty much tied to it's canon terrain but whomever takes up Wayn can decide to extend the wetlands or go for a more hilly terrain. Either way the lands of Fairmarket will be surrounded by forest on all sides.