Abandoned House Cave


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The warp is rmlogging, I (silently) edited his post a little while ago. Anyways, if I catch you online I can talk a bit more about the hamlet.
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Ok so the Hamlet and HF is done, and i changed the palisade and stuff. I dont know wether you still want me to do the peat bog mine, even though i made the traditional mine. If you do want me to still make the peat bog mine, i aint done yet. But since the peat bog mine cant be build until the bog terra has been done, it will take a while before i can build it. So i ask in the case that you want the peat bog mine that i can get the mini completed now, and do the mine once the terra is done. Im only asking this because i, as you know have a projekt i really wanna apply for, and there would prefer not to wait for (potentially) a really long time.

So since the mini is done (-the peat bog mine) i ask for approval for this projekt :)
- Johan


Hello everybody,

Sorry for my extremely long absence. After months, my schedule finally cleared up a little and I am going to try and be in-game more, nowhere near the level I was before but I want to see this project finished. First, to Johan I am so sorry I didn't reply to your hamlet. We went over any problems that I had in-game months ago and I still am extremely sorry that I didn't get back to you. Secondly to the project, if I am still allowed to continue with it, I wanted to scrap hamlet 1 and 5 as I feel clutters up the area and doesn't allow for the area to be more natury if that makes sense.

Again I am so sorry and will take any punishment you think is necessary but I still want to see this project realized and finished.

Thank you


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I would like to make a motion to mark this project as abandoned. It has been nearly one year since Knights_of_Ikke has been in game.