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  1. I hope this application is clearer than my last one :)


    Hamlet1 = Not open

    Hamlet2 = Not open

    Hamlet3 = Open to be applied for

    Hamlet4 = Not open

    Hamlet5 = Not open

    Quarry = Open to be applied for

    Inn = Not open

    First Men Ruins 1 = Open to be applied for

    First Men Ruins 2 = Open to be applied for

    Hunting Cabin 1 = Open to be applied for/build (Message me in game)

    Hunting Cabin 2 = Open to be applied for/build (Message me in game)

    Hunting Cabin 3 = Open to be applied for/build (Message me in game)

    Hunting Cabin 4 = Open to be applied for/build (Message me in game)

    Bandit Cave = Open to be applied for
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  2. Hey knights, good to see you applying again. One possible industry for cave is peat coal, which would form from the bogs and mushy bits. You could have a hamlet centered around peat coal mining perhaps. I’ll let others touch on the tests and stuff as I can’t play right now but it all looks cool!
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  3. Hey Duck

    I was thinking about what you said about a peat mine and that is a great idea. I added another hamlet to focus on it and a mine in the 3rd hamlet. Thank you so much
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  4. DId some more research, there is another thing called bog iron which was an important source of iron for peasants in the middle ages. Maybe you can have a blacksmith or something as well. Just an idea, make sure that the lands are not too overpopulated/full of professionals.
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  5. So I actually love moss but for some reason forgot it existed. Peat moss would be such an important resource for the poorer residents. I added that into my plans and also added bog iron "miners" (more like collectors) and also decreased the population of most of the hamlets and made the hamlets closer together to add more wilderness.

    Thank you duck, if you have any other ideas (specifically involving moss :) ) I would love to hear it.
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  6. So I never have bumped before, so I hope I am doing it right

  7. So I was checking out some very old tests for Crackclaw point and I noticed that the gradient for the castle was very different and the houses were more similar to other rural houses just with more wear and tear. I just wanted to explain why I chose to have a different gradient and log houses.

    For the gradient, I originally had the gradient found from the tests but it clashed too much with the mountain. I wanted the castle to be made out of the mountain essentially so I picked a gradient which was similar in style.

    For the log houses, I felt the especially house Cave's lands would not just be rural, but extremely rural only starting to build up hamlets recently as 50 years ago. Because of this, I wanted all the houses to have a kind of backwoods feel that a log house (I felt) completely surmized.

    But, if you think those ideas are terrible or wrong, please tell me and I'll get right to fixing it.

    (Also with the above comments I never mentioned this, but I put the suggestions from duck in the post)
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  8. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    Just FYI a log house doesn’t symbolize backwardness, just an abundance of wood and lack of other building materials. As for the idea of hamlets being almost nonexistent prior to 50years ago that’s far fetched to me. The regions been occupied for millennia and should have signs of such things.
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  9. Okay, I should have been more clear with what I said, I didn't mean that the region was settled 50 years ago, I meant that hamlets with more than 2 people really only started to form in this specific area 50-150 years ago. Before that there were still people, they just lived very far away from each other.

    For the log houses, should I keep them log houses then? There is stone available but if you are going to build your house out of stone that requires money while building a log house you can do it yourself which I think would be more likely for the people of this region.
  10. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    That wouldn’t be a very smart thing for the peasants to do, in the war torn riverlands (which the crownlands are actually part of) the folk there would have settled in close knit villages for defense, as much of the crown lands do, but newer hamlets under targ rule could be scattered, but it’s up to you.

    As for materials well, stone foundations made of fieldstone and cobble should be fine for wooden and daub houses. Unsure of the actual forestation of the region, but some log cabins might be cute scattered among the older daub houses
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  11. So I did a new house style, this one more in line with the rest of the crownlands except it has a different stone base and isn't as fancy as some other houses. This style house will be found in the major hamlets: 1,2, 3 and 4. It represents a more andal style while the rest of the houses are first men style. Most farmhouses will be this style while most hunters will have the log houses.

    Also just forget the whole Hamlet thing, I don't know what I was thinking anyway.

    So what do you think, a more crownlands style mixed with some log cabins and cave houses?

    There will also be a wooden style crownlands house and I will get that test up as soon as possible.

    Also any idea on how to make the daub wattle houses seem older and more foresty?
  12. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    just maybe some wattle fence on the walls, missing blocks filled in with wattle, bushes?
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  13. Hey,

    I added a more rustic/crackclaw looking house style with a wooden and daub wattle style. They are not in my plot though. If you want to see them, /warp cave. I will move them to my plot the second I can build there again.

    Also, the daub wattle style will only be found in hamlets 1 and 2 due to there only being fields in 1 and 2. The wooden style will be more prominent in hamlets 3 and 4. Also, I added a lot of wattle fences to the windows.

    What do you think of the new style? Tell me anything you think would be cool.
  14. Hi,

    So I have some new tests at /warp KnightsOfIkke. There is a new sept and a test for a coal mine in a peat bog. I did not take pictures because they are better seen in the game.

    Another slight thing is when I start working on this project. Can I become editor-lite? I have been doing a lot of practice with world edit recently and I feel like it is going along well. Also, this project requires some world edit skills which I would like to help with instead of forcing people to do it for me.

    Yeah, so check out the new tests if you want to. I hope to hear any feedback.

    Thanks :)
  15. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    hey ikke, so i took a look at the stuff. Right, I think you have a good sense of space and scaling for the castle down pat, however, you should move the castle to the hilltop, atm it's super easy to conquer. using the natural hilltop and follwing it a lil will give the castle advantages, also i expected a cave but didnt find one. now, about the ints, i think you have a good sized hall, but the fireplace designs seem weird, and you have one window, waaaaay up and it looks odd, i suggest a nice gothic style window, like those are longtable's great hall.and here's a video with more how i would suggest, as it matches better the kind of "noble poverty" such a house would have, though obviously looking at less clean walls. also, the courtyard slopes drastically, and would cause serious issues to horses and people. now, the courtyard has a great view to the castle. the houses, i will have an example for you at warp playground of what i mean about the daub/wattle fence stuff.

    also, material for the castle i would recommend the grey stone, using stein's grad on boggs would be even better.
    i think you're almost there, but i don't want you to think of this as criticism. we are encouraging you to make this a great project.
  16. Hello,

    So Enah, everything you said makes perfect sense. I talked with you in game and I was sorted out. So I changed a lot in my original plan so you can see it there but I will give you a little run down.

    -The pallet has been changed to stein's grad, you can't see it though except on the houses. I didn't have world edit to change the castle but I will change that asap
    -With the daub/wattle fence stuff, I was stumbling around playground and I found a house test which incorporated the daub/wattle fence stuff so I updated my houses in that way
    -I added caves (I don't know why I left them out)
    -The window is fixed and the fireplace is, "fixed"
    -Made the courtyard less steep
    -I moved the castle out of the mountain and near the mountain. The wall will now cover the whole castle or at least there will be no easy way to get inside by jumping from the mountain to the hall's roof.
    -I know this wasn't an issue for you but Johan, I switched the location of Hamlet 3 and 4. Everything should still be okay it will just be in a different spot
    -A few other slight things

    Also, I just wanted to say, I am totally fine with criticism. I like criticism and want to make the best build I can, I do not want some sloppy project on Westeroscraft. So any issue you have, I hope to fix it. :)

    Thank You

    btw: great video
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  17. I like all the stuff you have changed, it's improved alot from the original app. Just wanted to let you know if you need help with terraforming or style I'm familiar with that region (though not that palatte specifically) and i'd be happy to help once you get the project approved and started.
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  18. Thank You so much duck, and the terraforming would be much appreciated
  19. Btw, I changed the location of the castle so it will be on top of a hill overlooking the lands. Also, I changed the look of the castle. Come check it out at /warp KnightsOfIkke
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  20. Hello, I hate to be pushy but it has been quite a while since anyone has commented anything at all about this. I have a much better castle now with more everything, I even have the interiors laid out if someone wants to take a look.

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