1. Batelgause

    Approved Project Application : House Charlton by Batelgause

    Hi everybody ! After months of planning and thinking about it i'm finally applying for the House of Charlton in northern riverlands . (hope i dont drop this one too) Here is the app!
  2. Jakethesnake8_8

    Approved Bigglestone by Jakethesnake8_8

    Hey there! It's me with another thing to do stuff on the map. Here's my Bigglestone app. Enjoy !
  3. Jeffjunior77

    Approved House Estermont by Jeff

    Hey everyone here is my application for House Estermont of the Stormlands. After Lonmouth is nearly done I want to start a new project in the Stormlands. I Will finish lonmouth before I start any work on Greenstone. On my plot u can find a lot of tests for greenstone but some of them are WIP or...
  4. ViserysII

    Approved Project Application: House Tarth by ViserysII

    Hello! So, here is my application for Tarth, I hope y'all enjoy it and any feedback is more than welcome. You can find my application just by clicking on the sigil below. Also, I'd like to thank all the feedback and ideas I've received while making the app, really appreciated it. -Vis
  5. Margaery_Tyrell

    Completed Ghost Hill - by Margaery Tyrell

    Immersion Project Builders: Margaery Coords: 7242, y , 23636 Ghost Hill Town Proper Research/Inspiration/Plans This thread is intended for transparency and to indicate our plans for the GH town. This was prompted by discussions about Tor-GH terra as I had already had terra in the GH sprawl...
  6. F

    Approved House Bourney by Flip and Guilix

    Hey everyone Guilix and I have to decided to apply for House Bourney in the Riverlands. Here is the to the application. Feedback is welcome from all, thanks for reading!
  7. Peptic

    Approved House Bullock by Pept1c

    Hiya, for my first canon project I found Bullock to be rather appropriate-looking, and I'm a big fan of the crownlands style! Well here's my app, take a look at it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14LaY_3w40HL5ncmXlEdUKb0X_mo1iaPvFZL0DTR20s0/edit The doc was too large to upload so I had to...