Halloween Contest!

Hey all,
We're doing a quick fun contest to celebrate Halloween!

Start Friday, 25th of October, GMT 17:00
End Friday, 8th of November GMT 17:00

Plots available at /warp HalloweenContest

Multiple submissions will be allowed, as well as co-ops. However, you can only receive a prize for one submission. Prize money for co-ops will be divided.

As usual, Guests are allowed to compete as well! Please follow this link and leave us your username. Your submission will only count if you have been on our server before under that username. Builders do not need to fill in this form.

Theme - Tales from the (Winterfell)Crypt
Build something spooky, haunting or mysterious. The Rat Cook, Euron's ship the Silence, Summerhall, Children of the Forest Caves, Valyria etc

You'll definitely get points for tying it to Westeros, but feel free to just build Pennywise or whatever if you want.

Awards will be voted on by the Mods, who will each award points for creativity, effort and faithfulness to the theme.

Probably gift cards, or at least some coloured nickname flair.