Halloween! Contest and Spooky Red Keep!


The spooky season is back! Already! Where did the year go?!
we're up to the usual nonsense with a series of Halloween activities to keep us distracted from all...this*gestures around vaguely*.

Halloween Contest!
This is an easy one. Find the seven jack o'lanterns we've hidden around the seven spookiest locations in Westeros. Some will be easy but others will be a nightmare. First builder to take a screenshot with all seven will get a spooky orange nickname flare until Christmas.

Spookify the Red Keep!
As is tradition we're encouraging all builders to help with another Halloween takeover. This year we'll be decking the halls of the Red Keep, so go wild with decorating it with your scariest and most ghoulish creations (just don't break blocks and make it easy to clean up).

Here's some inspiration from previous years to get the ideas flowing.



Thanks to everyone who joined in the spooky festivities, we’ll be cleaning up the Red Keep in the next few days, so if you made any creepy creations, now’s the time to make some copies if you’d like to keep them.