Expected downtime for 1.12.2 transfer


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Hey folks, its finally that time - we are initiating the upgrade from 1.11 version of Minecraft to 1.12 this Wednesday around 6pm CST. Expect downtime to last at least 2 hours, possible more or less.

With the upgrade, you will notice a few changes:
  • We've installed a new plugin called called Ultimate Chat - lets us have separate chat channels including 'Global', the default one. Theres also a local channel that only broadcasts chat to within 30 block radius.
  • Magibridge is a new plugin that connects the Global channel to a text channel called 'server-chat' in our Discord. It's a two way chat and serves as a replacement for the old IRC chat.
  • A new feature unique to WesterosCraft - personal horses! Just type /wchorse to summon your own personal horse. You can also type /wchorse <type> <color> to specialize the look of the horse you summon. The horse is deleted when you sign off so no need to worry about spamming them and causing server lag.
  • We've removed JourneyMap as a 'default' option with the custom launcher and replaced it with Xaero's Minimap. This is due to JourneyMap not working after several rounds of testing. If you want it back, both the minimap mods are client side so feel free to switch em out via the launcher
  • Performance of the game should overall be a lot more stable and smooth
If you want to check these features out before Wednesday, or possibly test for bugs, feel free to join the 1.12.2 test server via the custom launcher.


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