Chat, Discord and Forum Rules Reminder


This is a busy time of year for Westeros. We have lots of builds underway, an active base of regular builders as well as a rush of new builders learning the ropes. We thought we should take this opportunity to remind our members of the Westeroscraft in-game chat, Discord and forum rules.

Rules for In-Game Chat, Discord and the Forums

1. No racist, sexist, homophobic or any other prejudiced comments or insults. If you think you probably shouldn't say something, then don't.​
2. Show and book spoilers are permitted in discussion. Press F1 to hide chat if you want to avoid spoilers. Intentionally spoiling someone's experience is a ban worthy offense.​
3. No spamming the chat. This includes, but is not limited to: sending a lot of messages, talking in all caps, and spamming characters (i.e. AAAAAAAAAAAAA).No advertising other servers or trying to recruit players on our server.​

The Golden Rule

Don't be an asshat. This single rule covers it all. Treat others as you would like to be treated.​

All builders are expected to read these rules and guidelines when they first apply to join and to remember them during their career on the server. With the exception of the Spoiler Rule, they haven’t really changed since the server was founded almost 10 years ago.

The Mods request that all builders keep them in mind when hanging out in game, using the public discord and posting on the forum.

We have zero interest in being the fun police or censoring memes or friendly banter. We know the memes are great. But we do ask that builders check themselves when flooding the chat with in-jokes, overtly sexual/intentionally crass, all caps, or random, pointless spam looking for a reaction. While this stuff can be funny or harmless to you, the most extreme examples of it are off putting, potentially alienating and risks giving guests the wrong impression of our server when read without context.

This post hasn't been prompted by a specific incident, and we don’t believe that anyone has really stepped over the line yet (or at least anyone who hasn’t already been warned about it), but we want this post to remind everyone that the line exists, and we want to reign things in before someone accidently steps over it and genuinely causes harm. Mods will be stepping in more to privately call out this behavior when they see it or its reported.

Nobody’s perfect, and on the Internet it’s easy to be misconstrued, but we expect everyone to make a good faith effort. Your behaviour does leave an impression, so please make it a positive one.