Bovine Probation Thread


Build 6:
use tables only in upperclass houses, if you look closely youll see that they are quite a detailed and well refined block that would require a good carpentry skills to produce
the bench drawers & kitchen tools are a mess, i would discourage against stacking benches ontop of each other like that, try to explore neighboring houses for an inspiration!
the wattle fence next to the chair doenst make sense to me, what were you trying to achieve?
putting a barrel up the 3meter high shelf would be quite a feat! its very heavy and using only ladder to get it there would require alot of effort, if 1 block = 1m3 than a barrel full of liquid would weight atleast 1000kg!
Build 7:
way better the job than the previous house!
its okay as it is!
Good job!
finally build 10 /warp middlebury 1223.984 / 66.86814 / 16810.885 this one was really small did the best i could with the interior
Build 8
- make sure barrels are the right way up
- you need to make sure your tables are able to stand upright! 1 or 2 thin legs wont do it!
- try to make your animal pens feel bit more alive, add thatch, carpet, flies... etc...

Build 9
- dont forget yards!
- otherwise well done

Build 10
-all good!
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