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    I first heard of Westeroscraft on the Westeroscraft walks Youtube channel.

    I like Lotr however Asoiaf is by far my favourite fantasy series.

    Game of Thrones
    Clash of Kings
    Storm of Swords
    Feast for Crows
    Dance of Dragons
    All of the above

    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    Season 5
    Season 6
    Season 7
    All of the above

    Ser Davos Seaworth is my favorite character because in a world of backstabbing and plots he stands as a symbol of justice and loyalty, and he comes from humble beginnings to becoming the hand of the of the king of the one true king.

    I'll be honest I don't think I bring many skills to the table that aren't already here, iv never used world edit, and haven't done a lot of building in the past couple of years.

    All of the above beings said I'm a quick learner who really loves the Asoiaf world. All of you have done an amazing job in creating everything on the server and after seeing Westeroscraft Walks I decided to buy a new Minecraft account (got locked out of old one) just to walk around on the server myself. I have been visiting the server often and now feel like getting involved in the building and honing my skills.

    Thanks for Your Consideration! :)

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    Hey bovine this is very good for an app! I’ll get on either tonight or tomorrow evening to critique and stuff. But this looks promising so far!
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    Ok sorry I got distracted yesterday by Shameless and the Witcher 3 lol.

    Right, so this is a very promising application! Just a few critiques however

    1, your gradient (stone mix) on the "vale" cottage is very messy, the darker/heavier stones should be more at the bottom with the lighter ones at the top, and to avoid what we call "checkerboards" as in the stones form a sort of checkered pattern.

    2, the reach bakery has an interestingly shaped roof, but, you are almost there in how they're typically built on the server. a quick trip to fairmarket or hgtown can definitely help and perhaps be better than trying to explain in a post.

    3, the chest on a shelf (while personally i enjoy them) is actually a death trap to the bed's occupants!

    4, the bergfried you built is actually fairly good in quality, and could even have been built on the server not that long ago! The dark northern cobble and the logs are a bit dated. logs are mostly for trees or in rare instances really big rooms (as in roof timbers) and the cobble, well it just clashes with the stormlands/sandstone

    5 glass was very expensive, even to a lord or landed gentry. typically it would be used to showcase ones' wealth, often even irl the wealthy merchants would have removable windows so they could safeguard them from being stolen or worse damaged! but on the server, a tower house wouldnt have glass as you have done, they'd be behind maybe the arrowslits or only in the finest room and even then probably way up high.

    6, you've got a good sense for scale, however with the tower the walls should be thicker 2 blocks to give it a good sturdy feeling and it allows you to have nicer rooms inside and can be used to house that glass ;D (check out some of the more modern castles and stuff, most use double thick walls)

    7, the daub pattern needs a bit of work, but it's not that far off, just needs to be organized better and to try to be symmetrical and aesthetic

    8, windows again. the reach bakery has 2x2 windows, we actually try to avoid those types as they tend to look modern and even though medieval houses DO have them and frequently so, they jsut translate poorly in minecraft

    9 torches for lighting in anything except a very grand or large building doesnt make sense. a house would have candles, maybe a lantern. the poor might be lucky to get a rush (a fast burning sort of candle, think like a really slow match or a sparkless sparkler) or tallow candles, while the more well off woul;d have beeswax and even canon has that there are scented beeswax candles. peasants would maybe have one source of light, but torches are impractical for anyone living in anything but a castle.

    10, flooring inside a ground floor room should typically be dirt/gravel mixed with light thatch, which would keep the floor less muddy or gross. wood and stone floors are usually more upper class/noble/merchants sort of thing, since they cost more and take more maintenance to keep, well, maintained.

    this is the biggest critiques and suggestions, but please don;t let this dissuade you! the application is the first stages towards becoming a builder and is the beginner's course for our server's standards. so, im going to issue you a challenge or so, each progressing in difficulty and ingenuity. please build me a house in the style of white harbour, can be city or sprawl, wood or stone and of lower class status. good luck! if you need help with what is what class jsut ask around while in game!
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    Thanks for the feedback! I'll take it all into account.

    Should I make a new post for the challenge or leave it as a reply for this post?
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    You’ll comment the images in this thread.