Block Change Request: Arbor/OT/Dorne Colored Carved Faith Stone

Like so?
Or with some more decoration?
That looks amazing!
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i think the decorated one is a step in the right direction, but it kinda reminds me of a QR code scanner lol. I suggest trying to make the dark lines on the outside go all around the block. but looking amazingView attachment 7289
I don't think I agree that stretching the lines out is a good idea because that would cut into the heptagon. Since it seems that the majority are happy, and given the fact that this is a massive improvement over the existing designs, I'll propagate this to the other blocks and we'll try it out for a while. If it starts bothering people down the line we can always go back and change it since this block is one of the few that has a single unique use.
Looking great Tham! Seeing it in the images though, I'm wondering it it might be better to go in the less decorated direction, or perhaps a third direction which would be to make the circumscribed heptagon a simple bevel. The corners and solid edges currently make it look like a metallic plate attached over the stone, rather than a carved section of the stone.
Alright folks just cast your vote will ya:

"Nice"-Smiley: Heptagon no decoration

"Seriously?"-Smiley: Heptagon with decoration either the full carving or just the squiggles (that's something we can still determine after):

"Like"-Smiley: Circle without decoration

"Love"-Smiley: Circle with decoration either just the squiggles or the full carving (which of the two we determine after agreeing on the base shape and whether we want decoration at all):

Those are all the options you're getting for now. I'd like to revisit this only after you've tried it out in-game for a while.