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I think it was Google. I've been playing Minecraft for a long time. Being a fan of GoT, I googled GoT Minecraft and found WesterosCraft.

Dragonlance, LOTR & Narnia.

Game of Thrones

Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7

It's quite hard to pick but if I had to choose one character, it'd be Arya Stark. The reason is because she's seriously badass! She takes on foes bigger than herself and the scene of her slitting a certain Lord's throat left a massive impression on me as I'd hated that Lord.

A few.. I take nice photos IRL (Freelance photographer) and I can write (Communications Grad). Building skills wise, I'm willing to learn and I learn quickly.

I've been here many times since a few years ago and saw the massive builds and thought to myself that I'd never be able to do that. Only recently did I start reading the forums and realised that every single house and detail was hand made by a massive team and so I thought, "I'd love to be a part of this epic GoT project!"




The Old Bear
Hi Zzaarr,

Thanks for taking the time to apply,

I like the house you built, very quaint.

However there are some issues which mean it's not up to the standards we'd expect on the server, but that's not to say with a few tips you won't get there.

  • Stylistically we've actually moved away from the one block overhang of thatch on the gable end of each house. That's not always the case, and indeed some larger houses still implement an overhang for the eaves of the roof. In the case of a small peasant house like this though, I can't find overhangs in the environs of Fairmarket.
  • We'd typically look for more block variation in the wood walls, in Fairmarket you can see how jungle wood planks are used with oak to suggest weathering or just discolouration. This breaks up the flat nature of one block being used repeatedly.
  • Chimneys at Fairmarket tend to be more elegant, using the wall blocks. Just a nitpick-- but important nonetheless.

  • The fireplace to me looks modern, this looks like an oven/hob combination with an extractor fan/column above it. You can see a huge range of oven/fireplace designs around the server to emulate in your next build challenge.
  • Wooden floors would be non standard, instead the floors are normally dirt/gravel with some thatch to suggest rushes. (Have a google if you're not sure what rushes would be/do in a medieval home)

Some positives!

  • Your interiors, for a peasant house are appropriate. Sparse and not using any fancy blocks which would suggest at wealth. They're a little simple but I appreciate this isn't a huge house to work with.
  • You remembered smoke from your lit chimney!
  • The silhouette/whole is nearly there. It's just implementing those details now.

For your next challenge please take a look around Duskendale and build a house which you feel would be appropriate for that town.

Good luck,



Hi Veggie

I like the house you built, very quaint.
Thank you for your kind words.

I was really excited and had been visiting different spots of WC to get an idea of what is "standard". I found gables at /warp gradient so I used it but noticed that the newer builds didn't have them.

In my Duskendale challenge, I have removed the gables and included block variation. I copied an oven design that I really liked and have replaced my floors with dirt and gravel. I also tried my hand at building a slightly odd-shaped house. :)

Please find screenshots of my Duskendale challenge at https://imgur.com/a/Of8JvhW


I look forward to your feedback! Thank you!


The Old Bear
Yes! Yes! Yes! Love it, what an improvement!

Trying your hand at a diagonal house is great stuff, and you appear to have done a good job.

We'll start with the stuff I'd improve and then end on the good stuff;


  • The oven's a little large, but better than before! The chimney's a bit bulky too. Sometimes all you need is an oven block with stone blocks leading up to the chimney. I think it'd work if you broke it up with a mantlepiece or something, but otherwise a vast improvement on before.
  • I'm not keen on the two-types of bed next to each other, but otherwise your interiors are fine.
  • I like your varied use of blocks inside to suggest a light but potentially could be overboard on the amount of food blocks-- just something to be mindful of!
  • On your foundation blocks, feel free to not be shy about mixing in some blocks. Our brown palette is pretty extensive so you could mix in a few blocks of another stormlands block.


  • I'd scale back on the windows. Medieval homes would be difficult to keep warm sometimes, so they'd not have quite so many windows creating opportunities for the cold to get in. I'd half the amount you have now, keep it tasteful just to break up large flat panels of blocks
  • The chimney surround on the external is a little too large. A single column above the oven block would have been sufficient.

The good stuff!

  • Great attempt at a diagonal house.
  • I like the simplistic use of the daub and wattle, combined with the wooden vertical planks for the eaves of the roof.
  • Nice little dent in the thatch roofing to suggest at the age of the building.
  • Admirable to attempt a little bit of external furnishing like clothes lines.

For your next challenge, take a look around /warp Holyhall and build something you think would be appropriate there. It would be nice to go for a more high-class house to stretch your building chops!

Good luck,



Hi @Veggie thank you for the feedback, I've taken them on board and tried different mixing different blocks and building a higher classed building.

I present, "The Rose Road Bakery" famous for it's strawberry scones and fresh bread! ;)

Please see pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/KkEaadI



The Old Bear
Hi Zzaarr,

Another great build,

My only criticisms are that;

  • On the ground floor be sure to texture your ceilings with rafters. These could be as simple as upturned stair blocks, to detailed beams. You can see examples all over the server so be sure to take a look.
  • The building is a little flat on the facades, but would likely be appropriate for a row house. It might look a little peculiar if it were on its own however.
  • The cooking area on the upper floor is a bit of a no-no. The set up reminds me of a modern cooking range with an extractor fan (see here) rather than medieval cooking apparatus. Don't be afraid to just place a furnace block with a chimney stack above it.
Otherwise a solid build, let's try one more challenge and see how you get on.

For this build, please try your hand at a house that you could expect to find at /warp stoneysept

Good luck!



Hi @Veggie thank you for your feedback. Please see my response and corresponding screenshots and provide further feedback, if you don't mind, thank you!

- I forgot all about 2nd floor rafters! See fix below, is this better?

2020-01-20_21.51.19 (2).png

- Fixed the flatness on the sides.



- My hardest challenge.. I've seen a few "modern looking" kitchens in server and was copying the style. Can you tell me if this works?


Thanks again Veg! :)


The Old Bear
Looks great,

Again, I'm slightly hesitant regarding the flat facades but recognise this would be in a row of houses. Don't forget your chimney stack in the future!

Consider yourself a builder! Be sure to create a thread for probation where someone will pick you up. Pester a mod when you're in game to get you promoted.

Welcome to the team!