Westeroscraft walks- episode 100


Something involving going down the length of the Kingsroad? Start on the Wall and end at the Throne. Obviously would have to be a bit sped up, and you'd have to cut the bits that aren't done, but you could stop by all the notable places on the way down, and mention the lesser known bits as well.


Timelapseeeee, its how we all started watching minecraft creations (admit it).If we dont make it in time for a server build, since its a special occasion maybe we could make something ourselves in the test world.


I like the King's Road idea - maybe you guys could do a livestream of walking the entire length of it? This would definitely be time consuming so maybe not the best idea. Maybe a normal episode with a third special guest (looks at pizza) or something?


Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
you guys you should do like a compilation of all the "Hello travelers" and "welcome to westeroscraft" as the intro with the avengers music in the background