Westeroscraft 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations Schedule


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Join us in celebrating TEN YEARS of WesterosCraft.
Whether you're a current builder, a returning visitor or a retired veteran, we invite you to join the party. The celebrations will take place over SEVEN weeks - one week for each of the Seven Kingdoms. Each week's events will be be themed around their respective Kingdom with activities and server builds to match.

More details for each event will be released as they draw closer This schedule of events will be updated to include links to everything. We're days away from the biggest celebration to date on WesterosCraft. We hope you'll join us!!

How to participate:
/warp Anniversary is the hub for all the celebration activities.

If you're returning to the server, you can find guides on all the ways to connect on our website here

While you're there, make sure to visit the server Museum!

You can also join our Discord
Reach Week - 13 November
Grand Tourney
Starting 8pm GMT, 13 November, bring glory to your house on the fields of battle, join a series of grand tourney events including:
- Melee (PvP free for all)
- Duels
- Horse Jousting
- Archery contests

Not into combat?
- Join the Tourney tent building contest
- Animal capture mini-game with fishing rods
Dorne Week - 20 November
Sunspear Extravaganza
Starting 8pm GMT, 20 November, let's finally address the sand snake in the room and start some proper tests for a Sunspear redo. Awards will be given for the most creative and useful tests and ideas.

Other activities will include a sandcastle building competitions and races on horseback down the Safron Road.
Iron Islands Week - 27 November
Ironborn Raids and Races
Starting 8pm GMT, 27 November, set sail and compete in a custom design Ironborn raid of the Shield Islands. Who can reap and pillage the most loot from those Reach land lubbers?

See if you can post the best time in a land, sea and air race across the Iron Islands
Stormlands Week - 4 December
Storm's End Soiree and BOAR HUNT
Starting 8pm GMT, 4 December, let's make Bobby B proud and try building him a Storms End worthy of the one true King of Westeros. We'll also be testing some new regional styles for a Stormlands Refresh.

LET'S GO HUNT SOME BOOOOAR. Pigs will be set loose in the forests of Mistwood to find and capture.
Vale Week - 11 December
Gulltown Gala
Starting 8pm GMT, 11 December, building off the amazing effort from the recent mid-year contest, let's lay the ground work for the Gulltown redo with another round of tests for the capital of the Vale.

You'll also have the chance to test your parkour skills to prove whether you're as surefooted as a mountain goat and compete in the Eyrie Parkour Challenge.
Westerlands Week - 18 DecemberStarting 8pm GMT, 18 December, claim the riches of the Westerlands in an epic gold mining treasure hunt and compete in a house sigil building contest and beach raids.
North Week - 2 January
Harvest Feast
Starting 8pm GMT, 2nd January, Celebrate the holidays and ring in the new years with Westeros.
PvE extravaganza, defend Winterfell and the Fist of the First Men from hordes of the undead and other jolly holiday activities.
Crownlands Week - 8 January
Grand Finale

Starting 8pm GMT, 8th January, the epic conclusion of the WesterosCraft Ten Year Anniversary. Join in the siege of Kingslanding with a staging of the Battle of the Blackwater and more PvP activities and tune in for some special announcements!

See you in Westeros!
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First day of Reach Week went great! Shout put to Sir_Vinnie for building the Tourney Grounds and to Marg for hosting the festivities and everyone else who got involved and helped organize the events.

We’re still in the very early days of the Anniversary celebrations, it would be great to continue this momentum and host more Reach themed events through the week. I’m sure we’ll improve as the various Kingdom weeks progress and we iron out the kinks.

Totally open to more proposals about how we can best schedule more tourney events during the week. We’ve still got some more tent plots to use and we can host more tourneys at any time.

Feel free to suggest ideas for Riverlands/Crownlands activities that we can feature during the celebrations as well. The current schedule is just the best ideas we had at the time so if there’s more we can do there’s no reason for limiting ourselves.


some fun pics


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Hey! Just wanted to say that I would love to get involved in the North theme day in some way, so if someone has already started to build something for it, I'd appreciate getting a chance to help :)
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Results for Dorne Week contests are as follows:

Albator Hunger Games:
1st Jthompy
2nd Jake
3rd JJlyric

Sandcastle Contest:
Tied for 1st:
Seri + Diit AND Jake + Otty

Horse Race
1st: JJlyric
2nd: Lem
3rd: Aino
Last: Ravish and Dany

Congrats to the winners! Thanks to all the participants! Thank you to the Contest area builders!!!
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