Westeros Heritage List


Dear community,
As you may already know, submissions for the Spring 2022 Rookery issue are already open, and the team has decided to accept my suggestion of creating a “Westerosi World Heritage List”. But what does this consist of exactly?
Well, the UNESCO defines a World Heritage Site as “a somehow unique landmark which is geographically and historically identifiable and has special cultural or physical significance”. The objective will be to create a list of the most remarkable sites built on the server until the date.
The process of selection of the sites would be the following:
Every member of the community will be able to make nominations for the places that they believe need to appear on the list, so simply respond to this thread with your nominations (as many as you want!). After a week or so, the nominations will be collected, and they will be voted by a committee following the same criteria that is followed in real life. At the end of the process, an amount would be selected as finalist and they will be featured in the next rookery.
Please try to read the nominations made by other members before commenting, so it is easier for me to collect them. Also, it is important than apart from castles and keeps, natural sites or even intangible cultural heritage, like “the wine industry in the Arbor”, are also proposed for voting. Good luck!
except for the definite buildings such as The wall , Hightower , Storm's end , Dragonstone , Starry sept , Harrenhal , The Eyrie etc.
Here are some nominations from me .

Nagga's bones - significant importance for ironborn/drowned god and mythical backgrounds

Tower of Joy - where one of the most mysterious and important event took place

God's eye and isle of faces - significant landmark

Valley of Arryn and Giant's Lance - significant landmark

Land of always winter - significant landmark

Dornish Marches - significant landmark

Water Gardens - heaven-like gardens(hanging gardens of babylon referance)

Winterfell crypts - very mysterious place located in wintefell . hosts old kings of the north and many mysteries in its catacombs

Moat Cailin - Ancient fortress that protects the north from the rest of the continent since the age of dawn

The kingswood - huge forest between Crownlands and Stormlands , kings's private hunting area

Summerhal - significant palace complex in dornish marches built by the king Daeron II. as a summer residence . burned by another great mystery in AC 259

The Trident - probably the most known and important river in all Westeros with its so called 3 forks

Dawn - ancestoral sword of house dayne forged from a fallen star , described being as pale as milkglass and its probably the most known sword in all of westeros . it is only given to sons of house dayne that proved themselves to be worthy to wield it . Furthermore , i believe its Lightbringer

High heart - a sacred place for children of the forest that has a ring of 31 weirwood stumps

Garth Greenhand - cultural figure , told to be one who taught people agriculture . most of the major reach houses claim to have been descended from him

Bran the Builder - A very important figure who's told to have built The wall , Storm's end , Hightower and more and he's probably the founder of house stark

Fist of the first men - an ancient ringfort that was built by the firstmen in the age of dawn . it is built on top of a high hill and its surrounded by the haunted forest . it is where nights watch men camped during their search for wildlings beyond the wall in ACoK


I attach a file with the current nominations:

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the idea was to make it with the builds built on the server, so it can be expanded with time
If we make the list with only the already built buildings and landmarks , we will have to remove almost half of them since they are not built yet and wont be in the near future. So i think it should be a general Westeros Heritage list rather than a list among the builds that is already built .
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I think having a list of places in our server that are worth visiting is more interesting and fun rather than just canon locations (once we built them they could be added). Make it WesterosCraft Heritage. We have many amazing builds, terrain and landscapes that arent part of the book's lore but still worthy enough of the title.


Steward of Oldtown, Knight of Fairmarket
I think making it a Westeroscraft specific list would be more interesting, because there are many places that aren't exceptionally interesting from a lore point of view but have been very important to the server. Almost any named location in Westeros (and beyond) can be argued to have been important enough to be featured on the list, because many are named because they have been important to the story.

I'd like to nominate the following:
  • The PVP arenas of Testeros, builds specifically for community events and good old fashioned minecraft PVP fun.
  • /warp map3d, not sure about now but back when I was a guest it was the place to go to when exploring Westeroscraft and not knowing which place to visit.
  • Headhall, a monument and archive to past and present builders.
  • The glacier at Skagos, afaik the first accurate attempt at creating realistic glacial terrain.
  • The Dreadpony, a legendary pony affiliated with the Dreadfort (both old and new).
  • The Ring, which has been the location of spawn of the Westeros map for as long as I can remember.


Natural features:
- Torrentine valley
- Wickenden glacier
- the Greenblood
- Horseshoe hills
- the Red Lake and Silverwing's den
- the Rainwood
- Northern Donne green belt (or whatever we can call the long greener area of the Tor and Ghosthill)
- Reach Fertile Crescent

Build sites:
- Ghaston Grey
- Castamere
- High Hermitage
- the Pit

- I'd put Westerlands gold industry here
- Reach chivalry
- Saltpan & Uffering salt industry
- Wickenden wax industry
- Bolton flaying tradition :)

Also thought that ensemble could work, like:
- the Mander valley castles (aka Chateaux de la Loire): Ball, Highgarden, Holyhall, Goldengrove, Ciderhall, Ashford, Longtable, Bitterbridge, Rousemont (others could be added once done, like Dunstonburry and Oldflowers redo)

Also agree with the idea that it should be Westeroscraft stuff, to make people visit key locations of our server.
If we are going with the Westeroscraft Heritage list , i'd like to nominate other things .

Builds :

- Old kayce and the helipad
- 3 blocks wide house at old Lannisport
- Starfall
- Wolf's Den
- Weeping Town
- Redfort
- Deepwood Motte
- Three Sisters
- Ghost Hill
- Stepstones

Intangible :

- Arbor wine industry and arbor gold
- Redwyne Fleet and Arbor seamanship
- Lemon and olive industry in dorne


Some of these might have already been said, and some are WIP or something to come

  • Perfume and scence making in the Reach
  • Dornish waterworks and water management (inspired by these 1 2)
  • Dornish cuisin
  • Reach cuisin
  • Commoners' theatre plays in King's Landing
  • Forest glass making in northern Westeros
  • The Citadel and the Maesters of Oldtown
  • Winemaking in Dorne
  • Olive oil and its culture in Dorne
  • Tilemaking in Dorne
  • Tourneys of the Reach
  • Orphans of the Greenblood
  • Looting and raiding in the Iron Islands and the Stepstones

  • Brick castles of the Riverlands
  • Dragon's Square (King's Landing)
  • Street of Silk
  • Visenya's Hill manses and gardens
  • Sept of the Vine (Vinetown)
  • The Starry Sept
  • Valyrian and Targaryen architecture in Westeros
  • The Planky Town
  • Castles and fortresses of the Dornish Marches
  • Mistwood
  • Essosi quarters of Oldtown and Vinetown (and maybe Gulltown)
  • The Seastone Chair
  • Duskendale's old town

  • The Vale of Arryn (The Vale proper)
  • Tarth
  • The Stepstones
  • The Barrowlands

  • Decidious and mixed forests of the Eastern coast of Westeros
  • Stoney Shore and its islands
  • Deserts and dryland landscapes of Dorne
  • Mander delta
  • Red Mountain's national parks and reserves
  • The Rainwood
  • The Trident estuary

  • 10 years Anniversary hubs
  • The Starry Fields