Update Application: Flea Bottom, KL14


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After going over both Aeks and Spikes tests, I've henceforth decided to choose Spikes. I feel it has a nice dynamic gradient, clear depiction of Targaryen architecture, and a strong attention to weathering of structure through time.

Spike: That being said, there are details from Aeks' test I would like for you to incorporate.
1. The spruce overhang on the front side, to lessen the flat facade and to create a dynamic vertical space on the street
2. The western side facing the multi-level alley, I'd like for you to incorporate the broken wall piece. The alley's walkways would have been built after the Motherhouse's construction and would thus not align/incorporate very well into the overall form

I will paste in the building; I look forward to seeing the finished build.
Deep in Fleabottom, hidden from the light and the law, a ruthless gang roams the streets and rules the underground. Hidden between alleyways you can find her famous pub: the Last Drop.
Built in 211AC, it serves as the hideout, storehouse, and headquarters of evil.

With a bit of luck, the bartender will let you pass. Otherwise, make your way through the smelly sewers.
Over the years, the complex has been steadily expanded, old systems connected and new tunnels digged.
Be warned, these vaults are home to criminals, murderers and ruthless gangsters.
From the brewing of the "Fleabottompiss" to the torture chamber and brothel, everything is on offer.
Exploration is only possible armed, with a torch and with absolute caution.
Get ready for an adventure, turn off your Nightvision and escape into a stinky and dangerous underground world of the LastDrop-Gang.

/warp thelastdrop

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