Update Application: Flea Bottom, KL14


The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey Rav,

I like your plans overall! I gave some feedback on the style test here:

Provided you adjust your style accordingly, I'm happy to approve this. Please keep me in the loop about both the plotting and the undercity updates though, before opening anything.


Hey, I've made a test for Karl Tanner's house.

My thoughts were that his house should have several entry points for quick escapes to evade the Goldcloaks, gang members, or anyone else after Karl Tanner. He has a small kitchen, with a large room for him and other criminals to hide out and get together.

The first two floors (lower ground floor and the ground floor) have been furnished, but the floors above haven't. You can find it at /warp finn01


Got a chance to go over your tests in game a little more in depth and I'd like to say I'm happy with both tests. I feel they each provide their own uniqueness and personality to the area. That being said I have some final feedback that I think will allow them to feel very polished before I make a decision.

I really like the overall silhouette and shape of the build. It creates a rather imposing and hostile look from below in Gin Alley.
That being said I feel there could be more. Right now there are a lot of muted tones and color suppression because of the daub. Preferably on the side with the balcony facing the alley facing the Street of Flour. Currently only thing breaking up that side of the facade is a balcony.

I would like to start off that I'm really impressed with your ambition and confidence in building despite your limitations as a probation builder. To start off, though this house is home to Karl Tanner, he is not the sole owner of the house. I would prefer to see a multitenant layout where he is one of the people living there. As per your facade, there is a lot of messiness going on. 1. Your daub pattern needs to be more uniform and balanced throughout. You can have patterns but be sure they are distributed in an equal manor. 2. There is a lot of competing systems at play that create too much visual noise. I.e vertical planks. If you're going to use certain elements make sure they are balanced out by their counterpart.

On a side note, I love the idea of having escape routes for Karl Tanner to use to evade people or to sneak out/in through. I think that is a lovely personal touch that really brings a build to life.

NOTE: If anyone else is planning to test for this plot I would advise doing so promptly.