Approved Update Application - District 35 "River Row"


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Codd and I are applying to lead the update of KL District 35, aka "River Row".
We're using this as a bit of a test case, so we'll take on board any feedback with this approach so we can smooth out the process for future districts.
District Description
District 35 is largely defined by the west side of River Row, the main street that runs along the city’s south wall, linking the Red Keep, the port via the River Gate to the King’s Gate on the western wall. River Row features mostly low class dock workers, merchants traders and inns catering to travellers to kings landing, fishmongers, warehouse, perhaps some ship captains homesteads for their families. This district also captures the south side of the Street of Steel, famous for its blacksmiths and other metal workers.

New Canon
We don’t have a lot of new relevant canon for River Row, except that the River Gate is big enough for an elephant to pass through. Since Fire & Blood mentions that the streets were also cobbled where possible, it makes sense for River Row to be cobbled for the benefit of all the carts and wagons travelling along it.

District’s Current State
This area was one of the first to be built in the last KL server build so the houses are quite unrefined. Out of the 100 odd houses and buildings, we’ve classified them roughly as 45% red 55% orange, with about 3-4 green houses in the mix. You'll see there's a lot of logs, messy daub and thatch, buttons, trap doors, all that needs to go.
You can refresh your memory of what the different classifications mean here

Update Plans
We intend to more or less retain the general street layout/profession mix, though it would be worthwhile looking into some of the smaller backstreet plots and consolidating them into larger buildings or courtyards.

Guides on the general style to emulate are available at /warp klupdate
We will also generally encourage the filling up of streets up too, builders should have freedom to add details (carts, wagons, stalls, little scenes) to the road outside the plot they're working on. Fill up all these empty streets and make it look at least a little bustling.

We will likely hold off on locking in a new road mix for the moment, this can be developed as more districts get updated and the mix is refined.

Available plots will be marked with signs/block palette details. Some houses will be nuked down to their plot, others will just be sign posted with how they need to fix.

Rivergate should be fine
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Any update on this? I think it comes down to Seri and Alex, Endy, Nuggs and Dragons to fix, but it's still relevant to this district
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Once again drawing attention to this, seeing as melons don't do the trick :p
Hey Jake, I trust that either Cash and Codd or the builders you mentioned will eventually take a look at it, don't worry - I don't think they'll just be ignored if you fear that. For instance, my own district has some melons that are a few weeks old and weren't addressed yet (but will be!) :p


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Hey CashBanks and thecoddfish ,

In the coming little while I'm going to try to do a push for all of the almost-completed KL districts to reach Stage 1 as described here. Could you give me an update on the status of this district when you get a chance?

I've went ahead and left some melons on things that I feel could be improved (mostly focusing on exteriors at the moment). Here are some of my very broad thoughts so far:

- The houses along the main part of River Row have held up quite nicely; I didn't really have much feedback to give on anything there. It sets a good example in terms of style and overall level of detail for a working class area of KL.

- Towards the Street of Steel, I feel that the houses start to lose cohesiveness a bit in terms of style and some layouts that don't flow very well together. Overall it's not quite giving me strong "bustling street of blacksmiths" vibes yet either. I think this part of the district could really benefit from some unifying revisions by someone with a good vision for the street (whether the district leaders, or someone who has nice ideas that get approved by them). I'm even wondering if it's worth re-drawing the district lines so that the Street of Steel is a district unto itself (splitting up the Baelors district).

- Since this was one of the earliest districts, and started right after the block update with all the new timber blocks, some of the timber frame patterns are a bit lacking compared to later districts (as builders were still experimenting and finding the ideal ways to use the new timber blocks). I meloned the most egregious cases I saw, but fine-tuning the timber frame patterns overall will help make sure there's no quality gaps between newer and older KL districts. See also the stylistic pointers in this thread.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns; it'd be great to see this district polished and wrapped up!


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KL35 is at long last looking finished! All builds/updates have ostensibly been completed.

Last thing I just wanted to confirm was the road mix/drainage style to use for these main streets, do we have a consensus on that yet?