Approved Update Application - District 32 - Pix & Shymon


The Dark Lord Sauron
Staff member
Hey Pixeld_ and Shymon ,

I've been going through the almost-finished KL districts recently, trying to do a final push to the first stage of completion. I haven't seen either of you in-game recently; I'm wondering if you still feel you have time to work on the district?

I've went ahead and done a sweep through the district, leaving melons on stuff that I think could be improved (mostly focusing on the exteriors for now). Here's some of my overall thoughts:

- There are some gems in the district; I really love the square around the Wandering Septon inn. The silent sister's complex and the nearby Rusty Chandelier also turned out quite nicely. Overall I think all the stuff along the main streets are good and shouldn't need much revision, although the streets themselves will need some love once the road designs are set in stone.

- The quality level, however, is somewhat inconsistent in other areas, with some parts of the district suffering from plotting issues or bland facades. The level of detailing also varies from house to house, with some using very simple layouts and timber patterns, and others using more intricate details. Some additional love from the district leaders should help ensure a cohesive level of quality within the district and also with respect to other newer districts.

- One recurring plotting issue that I noticed is awkward corners forming between adjacent houses, where two facades form an interior angle and it looks like they're clipping into one another. Here's one example of what I mean; I've meloned all of the instances that I noticed. Largely this is probably due to issues with the original plotting that were unfortunately reproduced in the updated versions. For such cases, I'd strongly suggest more substantial plotting revisions to fix the awkward corners, unless it can be easily fixed through adding architectural details.

Otherwise, see this thread for specific instructions on how to ready the district for Stage 1 completion. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!