Unable to message people.


I have been unable to start new conversations with people on the forums for two days now. The button for starting a new conversation has been missing ever since Iwan moved me to the builders group.
Iwan has removed me from the builders group again and now the "Start a new conversation" button has returned.


Someone has set my rank to builder again, and I am yet again unable to message people. Can someone please fix the permissions or reset my forum rank to nobuild?
Btw, I have to add that is not only Spike that has that problem, there are other people that probably have that problem as it seems, as I can't either start a conversation.


Lean forward and grab!
You should be now. I just figured out how to fix this issue today.

I'm still unsure why this issue exists in the first place, everyone is in the same user group (builder) and your and spike's accounts are set up exactly the same way as the others. Apparently setting your primary user group to nobuild and applying a secondary user group builder fixes the messaging issue. Doesn't really make sense to me, but as long as it works.