The Shadow Tower by Schmiedolaf and majic



I played around a bit with "painter" and here is a roughly layout of theabandoned hamlet.

Olaf did a plan for the abandoned hamlet, is really nice give more of an idea
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Hey Olaf and Majic.
I wanna address a few things regarding your application:
First and foremost, i wanna add that I admire you ambition and willingness to take on such a huge and important project. The name of the location is mentioned in both books and tv-show, and as such, it's a project of great importance and one many people will want to see.
Therefore this project has also been categorized as a build that requires more experience, as of the "List of all available projects"
Skærmbillede 2018-03-18 kl.png
Now that being said I want to take the following into consideration:
- Both of you are relatively new to the server, thus not super experienced yet.
- Majic still has a project in progress.
- Olaf still hasn't been a lead on project yet.

Now I don't mean this in any bad way, but judging from these things, I just don't see you as experienced enough project leaders to be able to take on a project of this importance yet.

The build is categorized as one that needs more experience, because we want to make absolutely sure, that a build of this importance, is done in the best way possible, one that allows the majority to be satisfied and happy with it, and also be sure that everything goes smoothly and as planned during the building phase. There needs to be no doubt that the builders taking on this project is capable of doing just that.

I love that you have the ambition and willingness to take this on, but I think both of you need a little more experience before doing this. There are plenty builds to do, and you are more than welcome to apply for this again, once you've gained more experience.
I don't mean for this to come off in a bad way, so apologies if that is the case. I say these things in best interest of the server.

These are just my views, and you will still need a moderator to look at this app. It may just be me being completely out of bounds, or it may not.



Hey Kor :)
yeah i have spoken to a few moderators and they agreed that i need to finish erenford first before taking on another project. ;P
thank you for for the feedback it was good of you to reply, as me and schemed were unsure how this application was going :)

first the planning and work of erenford has gone on quickly and quite smoothly so far that is, as the completion of the lands is coming on nicely.

this app is more to gather information, Ideas and cannon stuff.

Kor in which way do we need more experience, (what areas to have more experience in) as I have lead quite a few smaller projects aswell as currently leading Erenford. :? so was wondering on that point

also there will be another tower test that will need tobe done as recently looked at the tower which i don't like to much, also schemed did a few more tests, i will post after this when I get them saved :)
thanks again tho
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heres the images i talked about earlier
also this 1st image is our shadow tower board with cannon stuff, info and and buildings.

stables test

yeah horses now are inside so they don't die of the frost, lucky horses :p

lil watchtower tests so far more to be built hehe



Knight of Fairmarket
Kor in which way do we need more experience, (what areas to have more experience in) as I have lead quite a few smaller projects aswell as currently leading Erenford. :? so was wondering on that point

I'm not Kor, but:
  • Having lead one project and a couple of smaller ones doesn't give you enough experience to tackle something large succesfully. Usually the first project, and often the second as well, is where builders learn the most about project leadership.
  • Since this is a co-op, both leads will need sufficient experience.
  • The terrain near the wall is an absolute nightmare to work with, so being an experienced editor will help (i.e. a couple of terraforms and having worked succesfully with sand/snow layers).
  • The Shadow Tower is a large castle, so having experience making castles does wonders. This could be done by either leading a couple of projects with a castle or being involved in the planning/building of server builds.