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Update on Stonecrab Cay application:

First of Jake has signed off on this due too having a lot of projects going on.

A bunch of fishing tests, crabbing tests and oyster marine farming tests, can be found at /warp contest2019. I also had a look at diffrent ships, some fishings has been copied to the test.

I am still searching for a good ship for the Knight of the holdfast. It should be not too deep yet still not a longship. Ill let you know when i found a solution. We already talked in game so you know whats going on.

Edit: Also, the current plotting is a placeholder. But the ratio of fishers and other workers should be something around the current.


Happy with the tests so far and the work put into this, I'm approving this app, and therefore officially launching the Arbor! ;)

I ask you to let me know when you're done with the terra before plotting, and once plotting is done, before opening.
I'll gladly help you on any step, so don't hesitate to bump me in game or here for anything.



Hey Eld! Hope you are well!

I would like to submit my application for one of the specials at Ryamsport. I am applying for the Vassal Keep.

I present to you some screenshots of my initial tests for your viewing pleasure. I will also attach some photos I used as inspiration for added context. Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts. Additionally, I wholeheartedly encourage you to visit the test itself on my plot @ /warp vinnie.

Without further ado:


Some personal notes: I hope I have somewhat captured the prompt for a half-manor-half-keep vibe. The interior layout in particular is very much a WIP and I anticipate some kind of structural change that will affect the exterior of the build in some way. Many details remain to be added, particularly windows, fireplaces, stairs etc. This build will include a small garden/terraace feature which I hope is appropriate. I hope I have remained within the intended hight limitations and I would be happy to negotiate any changes in that regard. Overall there is a lot to work on so I very much look forward to input from you and from the greater community.

Lastly, I understand I am likely not the only builder who has taken an interest in this plot so I am amenable to a delayed decision.

Thank you so, so much for you consideration and I very much look forward to your response.

(Update! There is now a new color variant as I had not realized the prompt specified white plaster)

2021-04-14_21.50.32 copy.png
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I too would like to submit my application for the Redwyne vassal. I put the lighthouse on the northwest corner, but am happy to move it back to the northeast corner if that is preferred. The facades are still a tad rough right now, as I wanted to make sure I got the app in tonight before bed. The manor/keep is primarily inspired by the Corte Citadel in Corsica, and the lighthouse is a much smaller version of the lighthouse of Genoa. I briefly pasted the test into Ryamsport for screenshots to give a better sense of the scale of the lighthouse. The test can be found at my plot /warp Ramen.

Thanks for reading!



Hey I Apply for the Holdfast near Ryamsport

See /warp Jeff for the Progress :)

Also would be nice to know wich since the Holdfast should have


Here a some Screenshots

For Interior Check /warp jeff (look in the Sky)



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Only issue I have is with the cloth hanging over the balcony. This could be a little more structured I feel. Have a play around with some other ways you could represent the cloth hanging and how its supported and see if there's something that might fit the spot better.


Hi jeff, also I agree with aerio about the cloth overhang. This kind of thing could be used on the roof, on the side id use a more compact design, there are plenty seen in ryamsport town.

I would also use a butchet or retaining wall on the cliff side face of the holdfast tower, as to help it structurally otherwise with time the tower could lean.


Hi jeff, also I agree with aerio about the cloth overhang. This kind of thing could be used on the roof, on the side id use a more compact design, there are plenty seen in ryamsport town.

I would also use a butchet or retaining wall on the cliff side face of the holdfast tower, as to help it structurally otherwise with time the tower could lean.
Maybe u can show me ingame or add a melone i dont know what u exactly mean


Alright, taking up (slowly) the apps:
Sapper For the hamlet, I'd like to remove the plots on the other side of the roads, as there'll be fields and orchards (might add 1 or 2 houses then, but when plotting the fields), iirc I told you to mostly plot on the free space between the roads.
You could implement a barn/granary as well, and have a couple more houses (the ones removed from the other side of the road). The yards walls could use better the space, but that can be adapted in game.
Please, show me an updated plotting (here or in game) before I can approve.

Redwyne vassal:
Thanks Ramen & Vinnie for the tests, both have interesting features. I especially like the lighthouse in Ramen's test, but I feel Vinnie's layout could be more interesting.
We discussed and worked a bit on it in game. Waiting for the updated layout.

JJLyric Good start, have been working with you on some fixes and updates (in terms of stone gradients, workshop, etc). Please make sure they could produce bricks and lime/whitewash there for the town.

Jeffjunior77 We've discussed in game about the overall layout, I prefer the new one, though there might still be some parts to fix. Aeksio and maj's feedback about the balcony is right, and about the need of reinforcement for the base of the tower. I'll review your newest test asap in game.

For all: in case it wasn't clear, the ship plots in the bay are free to test as well.


Hello there,

here comes the whaling station application. A good amount of whaling research is already in this thread (, but I'll give a short summary. The plan is that the whalers from ryamsport are whaling North of ryamsport for smaller and mid sized whales. Eld promised me a lookout tower further North in the bay, which will allert small boats which will pursue the whales, kill them and bring them to the station for processing. The whales will be dragged onto the shore where the flensing will start. During the flensing the whale blubber will be removed from the carcass. It will later be cooked to whale oil in furnaces called "tryworks" and then stored into clay pots/barrels, which will be stored in the warehouse for a short time until a merchant from vinetown or from a ship buys the oil. The oil was historically mainly used for lamp oil and machine lubricant, which both could be pretty useful in the wealthy reach region. Additionally, parts of the whale meat will be removed from the carcass and processed in a butchery, where they will be saltened and then distributed among the local whalers. The inspiration for this is the Faroese whaling. The beach has a just recently killed whale on it.

Note: A historical whaling station usually included a cooper and a smith, but these professions are already present at Ryamsport, so they will also supply the station.

The test for the station can be found elevating on my plot (/warp joseidon) next to an older version of the test.


Id Like to Apply for the hamlet near ryamsport... If you have any questions lmk!
So, after several attempts, the result is still not satisfying. As I expressed to sapp in game, I am rejecting this app for now. Feel free to re-apply with another (better) test.
I would recommend to work more on the plotting (like the shapes of yards), to look more how rural hamlets would work, and what a farmstead can be.
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I am applying for the hamlet near Ryamsport.

There is a farmstead in the crook of the junction. Immediately south are four additional homes.

The farmstead has:

x3 homes
x2 granaries
x1 well
x1 barn

The orange concrete is the low wall of the farmstead. The yards of the four additional homes outside the farmstead are bounded by the light orange wool, from which there is a small rear gate into the farmstead.

Thanks for taking a look! I know this probably won't be selected, but I am learning more and more about plotting by the day.



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Hey Eld. I have some updates to my vassal keep proposal. Whenever you’re ready to take a look, head on over to /warp vinnie. Feel free to leave melons or a comment board or whatever. Message me on discord when you think you’ll be on next so we can discuss in game.
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~mini project: Quarry at Ryamsport
Hi! I'm going to be applying for my first mini: the quarry :)) Since JJ, (who applied before) doesnt really have the time anymore to finish it, he decided to 'give' it to me!
I changed a few things, but most of the credit goes to JJ! I still hope you like it!
You can find this at my plot: /warp daenerys



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