The Arbor: Applications thread

Update on Stonecrab Cay application:

First of Jake has signed off on this due too having a lot of projects going on.

A bunch of fishing tests, crabbing tests and oyster marine farming tests, can be found at /warp contest2019. I also had a look at diffrent ships, some fishings has been copied to the test.

I am still searching for a good ship for the Knight of the holdfast. It should be not too deep yet still not a longship. Ill let you know when i found a solution. We already talked in game so you know whats going on.

Edit: Also, the current plotting is a placeholder. But the ratio of fishers and other workers should be something around the current.
Happy with the tests so far and the work put into this, I'm approving this app, and therefore officially launching the Arbor! ;)

I ask you to let me know when you're done with the terra before plotting, and once plotting is done, before opening.
I'll gladly help you on any step, so don't hesitate to bump me in game or here for anything.