Start of port to v1.12.2


Good to hear, @Dan_Prime - I've only just started looking at Forge 1.13.2, for the sake of Dynmap. Once I've got that done (needed for the broader Dynmap community, since I've already got it for Spigot 1.13.2 and the Forge guys get jealous ;) ), I'm going to start sizing the effort for 1.13.2 - I honestly think Forge 1.13.2 is at least 6-9 months out, given the likely size of the port, the need for a stable Sponge port, the port of the Sponge and Forge mods we need, and the rest, but I do want to start planning it out, in any case.
Hello! I need to know, how much time do you still need to complete port to 1.12.2 version? Or are you busy with port to 1.13/14?