StanateeManatee Builder Application

What is your age?

In what country are you living?
United States (CST)

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?
Don't Remember

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
I absolutely love the potential for world building in ASOIAF. I play a lot of Crusader Kings AGOT mod. Additionally, my favorite POV is (still (see below)) Davos.

What is your favorite build on our server?
I haven't totally explored recently, I will have to explore the more completed world. Otherwise, I would have to go with the Merman Statue in Old White Harbor...

Why do you want to join our server?
So, I was a builder on this server five years ago, but with the start of uni, I stopped playing Minecraft and Westeroscraft as much, as I had more human connection. Now that I'm in grad school, far away from home, I have felt the draw toward rebuilding my connections in this world and rediscovering my creativity. I'm not very ambitious or ingenious when it comes to Minecraft, especially having not played it diligently in five years, but I would like to get back to contributing to this project however I might.

If it matters to the mod reading this, I just rebought Minecraft, so I have a different account. My old one was TheWhitmanator (sic); Dav4 (sic) was my probie mod, and I had completed five houses (Wintertown, Stonehelm, Ghost Hill (I think), Bitterbridge (or some other stonewalled Reach town) and King's Landing). Part of my impetus for rejoining is that Wintertown has been completed since I was on last, and my house no longer really fits the mold, and I would like to change the roof to thatch or sod if I could. Apparently, in chatting to Dutch today, logs are out of style right now and minimalism and brutalism are in.

Tell us about your build.
So for my build, I tried to build a small dual-purpose bungalow/fishmonger's in the style of the Salt Dornish. I started out two-dimensional, but realized I didn't leave myself enough room for depth on the walls as you can see in the reverse exterior shot, which I will definitely strive to improve upon (it is really tough to see my own work knowing I used to be much better). My interior design is also definitely rusty, but I gave it a quick go. I set up a small area for preparing fish near the awning, using the Westeros Decoration blocks. The rest of the interior is living quarters, containing a small cooking/dining area, a storage nook and a bed. On the roof, there is a hammock for the occupant to enjoy a night under the stars and a stool near a cask of Dornish Red for him to survey the city during his frequent bouts of drunkenness. In the opposite corner of the roof lie some tattered cloths in need of repair, but they sit neglected.

If you want, I can include pictures of my previous builds (that I can find) on the server.


Did you follow the application rules?
You know nothing, Jon Snow.
I know it's only been a couple days, but while waiting on a reply, I realized that I didn't include a picture of myself in front of a build. I took the liberty of building another (funky-shaped) house in the style of a Clawman serf. I ended up building the roof a bit wonky, but I think it ended up looking fine. I decided on using furs for a door instead of an actual wooden door and a raised bed due to the swampiness of the region. The roof is a bit less steep than others I've seen, but I also built a squarer/squatter house. Anyway, I hope you like this build as well, with my (apparently dual-wielding) Manatee-skinned character in the foreground.



The Old Bear
Hey Stanatee,

Thanks for taking the time to apply, good first attempt!

Ghost hill was one of my first builds I built at so am fond of applications which use it as inspiration!

Your house is a little weird sunken into the hillside, but I actually like that feature a lot!

This isn't your fault, but typically I wouldn't expect to see such lush furnishings like carpets and coloured canopies in what is likely a poor fishmonger.

I think in the context of a salt dornish build, there is little to fault here.

For your first challenge, try your hand at building something completely different. Perhaps a house you feel would be appropriate in the Reach?
For this build I took inspiration from the Woodwright Hamlets. I should also credit some inspiration from houses near Bandallon and Rosby and apiaries in Honeyholt and Stonehelm's Hamlet (which was adjacent to my old build which I also ended up finding (4168 43 19515)). The residents of this house are: a beekeeper, his wife, two young children, an infant and his elderly mother. Flowers and plants were picked according to what I found about what bees favour. This is my first time ever trying to build diagonally, but I enjoyed the challenge, although I had to keep fixing parts of it.

Front : the house in all its splendor.
Gate Side: The old gate was less used after the beekeeper's father put on the pantry and has fallen into complete dissuse after the beekeeper took out part of the wall to make an access for his cart which he uses to ferry hives and the materials for making them.
Gate Side.png
Back: view of the entire garden and house
Garden Side: alternate view of the garden and the stair-entry
Garden Side.png
Strawberry Fields Forever: A top 15 Beatles track. Oh, wait. Nah, just a show of the back part of the garden including the strawberry patch, mud pit, tree stump and one beehive.
Strawberry Fields Forever.png
Herb Garden: Bees really like lavender (and so do I), plus there are ample decorations for it in the mods. Also, a tilled plot for chicory and sorrel.
Herb Garden.png
Gates: More detail on the gates and beehives.
Beehive Install-Repair: What I titled it. The hive on the right has been damaged and is currently being repaired- its top is removed and the bees are everywhere. This is a busy time, as you can see the beekeeper has just put in three more hives (two of which are thankfully plugged right now).
Beehive Install-Repair.png

Apparently there is a file limit, so see below for the interior.
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Kitchen: The entry- a dining area, hearth and cooking area. The pantry entry is closed to the back.
Pantry: Most everything is visible in the pantry. Berries from the garden, purchased grain&fish&meat, extra netting. (Night vision is obviously active throughout this).
Interior-Attic: A fairly comprehensive view of the interior and the loft where extra rope, burlap and thatch are stored as well as the older children.
Beehive Workshop: A little repair station away from the bees where the beekeeper can make hives as well as whatever household repairs he needs.
Beehive Workshop.png
Bed and Crib: The parent's bed and their newborns crib. The handy father has crafted a sort of mobile above his infant's bed. Above the bed is a cabinet holding the man and his late father's arms should his lord call him to war.
Bed and Crib.png
Bed and Grannys Bed: Taken in spectator, another view of the parent's bed. The beekeeper's mother is lingering on and lives most of her idle life in the covered bed in the corner. A dreamcatcher/woven Seven-icon hangs above her bed to try and ward off death. A candle sits in the window and a chamber pot by her feet.I rarely see any builds including the elderly/decrepit, who would often be neglected in the peasantry.
Bed and Grannys Bed.png
Ceiling Pattern: This rafter pattern grew kind of organically from how I roofed it. I like how it ended up.
Ceiling Pattern.png

Thanks for this challenge, Veg! Hope you enjoy!
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The Old Bear
Hey Stanatee,

It's clear you've grasped with the newer style after your hiatus. I'm confident the minor issues such as big chunky hearths, some strange windows would be fixed with in game feedback from build leads.

I'm happy to welcome you back to the build team,

Do catch me in game, or a fellow mod to get you back in green.

Be sure to create a probation thread!

Thanks for your fine critiques and approval! This made my day week! I'm so glad to be back in this, and (like Baff, but even nearly as renowned), I'll try not to go on a five year hiatus again (lol). Probie post about to go up. :)

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