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    So basically giving guests the option of spectator mode. I asked about it on the server and I got the answer that it would ruin the fun. I do somewhat agree with that. Most of the guests would most likely however get bored from the hours they would have to spend to appreaciate the underground of kings landing for example, myself included. It would also allow for quicker travel.

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    It would defeat the purpose of exploring and finding ways inside places :(

    I’m unsure why you believe most visitors get bored having to walk or fly, most don’t and those who never come back do so bc it isn’t an rpg. We’ve had many guests that actually come on frequently, several even became builders. I would love to hear some other current guests and team members bring their opinions to the table.
  3. Why shouldn't we? If it lets people explore our works in greater depth, then I see no reason why not to. People aren't necessarily going to have the patience to explore everything in detail; providing spectator mode facilitates their exploration. I am strongly for this if at all possible.
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    You can always just ask one of the mods to put you in gm 3 while the command itself is not available for guests.
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  5. I agree with Codd on this. I see a lot of guests get frustrated when there is no mod online and want to be put in GM 3. I also think /thru should be allowed for them too.
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  6. It should be allowed, I trust guests to make their own decisions on how they want to explore. Just need to get a list of perm changes to an admin who can actually do stuff.
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  7. The guests will use spectator mode to stuff their lowriders full of healthcare and do drive by shootings while playing their hippity hop music
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  8. I agree, this is why people opposed the closing of the RK gates to force people to explore by going through other parts. Guests should decide their experience on the server in that regard. There are also places that would not get visited otherwise like the deepest parts of the KL catacombs.
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    Alrighty cool. Get to it