So Long, Farewell!


Street Preacher
Dear WesterosCraft Community of Awesomeness,

This will be one of the most difficult posts to write. After much thought, I have decided to resign as Moderator and take a significant break from the server. A week ago, I was waiting to hear back about a full time job I had applied for -- I was telling myself that if I got the job, I would have to leave WesterosCraft. I didn't get the job ... :( ... which made me realize that I need to apply myself even harder and should probably quit anyway. There are a few other job postings that I'm interested in -- this should be my top priority right now!

Over the past few months, I haven't been incredibly active anyway and have been really trying to launch my career as a freelance composer and musician in the Twin Cities. This takes a massive amount of time, and every day off from my part-time job was spent on these tasks instead of gaming.

Also, for Christmas, my nephew is getting an Xbox and we hope to play Minecraft together! (He's 9 ... so it'll be quite the change of pace!)

I am so absolutely proud of this server! I am honored to have been a part of it for these past 4 years. My work completing the Kingslanding sewers and plotting the docks is a huge achievement! Perhaps after the new year, I will feel ready to come back, but I want to give myself a few months to be "officially" away from the server before deciding if I can come back as a builder. I would love to help plot sections of Oldtown, but can't invest any time in planning! I would love to help with the MMORPG, but can't resurrect or manage that project! I would love to get to know more of the new folks on the server, but I can't be online as often as I'd like! Hopefully, those things change (and hopefully I can get a full time job so I don't die as a starving artist!)

If anyone needs something from me, at any time, please let me know! Many of you have my e-mail or have added me on Facebook! Don't hesitate to keep in touch!

I will be sure to come and visit!

Happy Holidays!



Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
Thank you for everything demod, you've been an incredible mod and I hope to see you on the server again when you have the time :D <3
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I feel you Demo.
It was a pleasure to work with you. You'll be missed. Take your time and come back evetually. There will be times when you'll get a little more spare time. And until then .. the younglings are doing an amazing job.
See you on the server.
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