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Lord Lannister
What is your age?

In what country are you living?

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?
Searched online

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
My most favourite character is probably Tyrion. He's a very witty and sarcastic character which made reading his chapters really enjoyable.

What is your favorite build on our server?
One of my favourite places is Lowther, I like it because it's a cute small castle on a river.

Why do you want to join our server?
I recently read the whole saga of the Song of Ice and Fire and I was unexpectedly thrilled by the universe GRRM has created. One day I stumbled upon the article and I had to visit your server. I've been visiting your server for quite a while now, and I decided I want to help with building the Westeros in Minecraft. I have years of building experience in Vanilla Minecraft, but I am sure I can adapt to the Modded environment.

I would say this build fits into the Crownlands. I actually used the style of Crownlands for this build. I imagine that in this house lives a poor low-class farmer and his wife. They have a very small wheat pen that can barely sustain them, probably the farmer works in a big field of some petty lord. The wife has a little flower patch behind the house. The materials are pretty standard, cobblestone for the base (foundation of the house), brown daub for the walls and thatch roof, this is how most medieval houses looked like and I thought it would be good to build with these materials.


Did you follow the application rules?
You know nothing, Jon Snow


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Hi Shymon,

Thanks for your application! Your application house is really nice. Amazing start. I only have a few bits of feedback really:

1. With your windows, try to support them in some way, rather than just having a hole in the wall. This can be done with a dornish screen, wattle fencing, an oak carpet window sill, or even small stone arrow slits, if the stone work goes high enough. It finished the space a bit better.

2. Your thatch roof overhang isn't really necessary on a house of this scale. You can probably finish the roof at the end of the building, and typically just round off the last bits of thatch. You can see this in small houses south of Fairmarket, or in the cottages at Woodwright hamlets. The overhang with wooden supports on the ends is a little bit heavy.

3. It was common for houses such as this to have rushes on the floor to form a carpet and keep the floor dry, absorbing spilled food, water, and adding warmth. You can do this by using thatch blocks in the ground mix and thatch carpet blocks.

4. Your interiors are great - just avoid using fancy hand-carved tables for a small peasent house. You can use half-doors and slabs to create simple rustic tables more fitting in this sort of environment.

This is a lovely build and a great start! For your first challenge build, please build a fishermans house in the style of /warp whiteharbor - particularly the houses outside the city walls in the 'sprawl' :)

Once you're done, please post the images here.

Good luck!


Lord Lannister
I don't know if I got the correct style, I mainly used fisherman's houses outside the walls near the warp for reference but this is what I came up with. I also made sure to stay true to your tips. :)


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Hey Shy! Awesome work on this house, you did an amazing job. :)

My only bit of feedback here would be to make sure your rafters on the inside aren't too close together. Alternate using stair and wood blocks to make nice, natural spaced rafter beams for the floor above. You can also use the placement of slab blocks to identify where your staircase / ladder or a support beam may be. Remember that the rafters should always span the shortest distance available between two walls.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 07.14.06.png

Secondly, with lower class houses its sometimes nice to add some patch-work repairs here and there to make a house seem lived-in.With your roof, you could add a couple of small bits of dark northern wood, to make it appear the roof has been temporarily repaired until they can afford to re-tile it.

Other than those two minor suggestions, this is lovely!

For your next challenge, please build a low/middle class baker in the style of /warp hgtowngate - This should be the buildings on the markethall square. There's quite a lot of scope here, but the important thing to focus on is the living/working area set-up and materials you should be using to build the house.

Have fun!


Dowager Countess of Grantham
Hey Shy!

Lovely lovely work on this house! :)

I only have two bits of feedback for this:

- This is a preference really, but in HG all the houses with the gothic arched arrow slits/windows, have their shutters on the inside rather than the outside. This is a preference, but be sure when building in a project style, you mimic the style of the area to the details.

- The stone palette in places is a little checkerboardy.. try to mix in some cobble in the lower parts of the wall. Also make sure on your chimney breast that you maintain a gradual transition through the block types. Cobble shouldn't ever really touch light stone.

Other than that, this is really nice!

For your next project, I'd like you to please built a wealthy spicer's house with a shop below in the style of /warp Duskendale. Be sure to work out separating the living areas from the shop.

Good Luck!


Lord Lannister
Hey Ark,
This time it took me a bit longer to build, but never the less I finished the house. There are too many photos for this forum, so I used imgur. I put some black wool panels on the sides because people on the server said that's how you do it... and it's better than empty space I suppose, since this house is meant to be in a block of houses. I hope I did did it right, I'm awaiting your feedback.

P.s. here's the authentication image, I forgot to add yesterday.
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Hey Shy,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner; it’s been a bit of a crazy week.

As always, lovely job with this house! I can tell exactly where this is from in Duskendale, so you’ve obviously nailed the specific style which is great! I only have a couple of bits of feedback:

  • With the windows on the upper floors, make sure the shutters are on the outside. These types of windows are different from the ones I mentioned at Highgarden, due to the arrow slit windows. When you’re using daub blocks, the shutters should be on the outside. Also, double width windows in daub don’t really work because there isn’t a supporting beam. Either use half-door blocks to create a central beam, or make a single block wide window.

  • Interiors are lovely, my only issue would be in the shop below, make sure you don’t have any ‘floating shelves’. Shelves should either be supported from the wall with rope or chains, or have wooden ends to form a ‘bookcase’ type shelving. During the medieval periods, there wouldn’t really have been a way to fix shelves to the wall to give them the appearance of ‘floating’. You can use gate blocks and wooden carpets to create shelves with support underneath; this can be a nice simple way to create shelving, as basket blocks have wood beneath them so they appear to be on a shelf. You can see examples of this in many rural Highgarden and Woodwright houses.

    Altogether, this is a really lovely build, and I’m more than happy to welcome you to the build team! Please start a probation thread over in the probation subforum. One of our fellow builders will be your probation leader for the next month. Please make sure you make a note of all your builds during that period and post their locations in your thread for further feedback. Please speak with a moderator in-game and we'll promote you to NewBuilder.

    Best of luck and welcome to the team! Please feel free to drop myself or any of the mod team a message anytime if you ever need anything.:)
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