Server role changes!


Staff member
We've made some changes to our server roles!
This is in anticipation of upcoming changes to project management.

The track now goes like this: Guest --> Apprentice --> Builder --> Ranger --> Mod --> Admin

  • Renamed "New Builder" role to "Apprentice". This is also now a role in Discord. Apprentices are users that are still in their probation period.
  • Combined "Builder" and "Editor" role. Builders now have editor perms. Be sure to read our WE guide here:
  • Added the new "Ranger" role. This is essentially what our current "probie-leaders" are now, and should be referred to as such going forward. This is also a new Discord role. The definition of this role is still in flux and will most likely change in the future
Our main form of communication is Discord. While we still plan projects here, please join Discord!

Be sure, if you are an apprentice or higher, you ask a mod or admin in game for your personal plot in Testeros. Everyone should have one! I think thats it. More exciting stuff Soon™️