Sappertsc Probation

Hey Sapp, I think it's a good time to make a small update here. We've been thru all your houses so far (and even did two together iirc). I see a lot of improvement from you, that's really good!

There's still a few more days in your probation for us to review some more houses, so keep on like this and be sure to call me if you need any assistance :)
Hey Sap!

So one month has passed, but as we discussed I'm going to extend your probation for two more weeks. We discussed in private the reasons, but just to sumarize here: I think you can still improve your abilities, specially in the sense of not rushing so much the builds and paying more attention to the guides. I think you got the feedback, but I would like to judge that on your next houses over this time to ensure you're good to go!

Thanks for the patience and understanding. As always, ask me if you have any questions :)