Riverlands Map

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  1. Just did these and thought they could help with the river lands overall yeah some area may be not accurate with the borders but i tried and it looks cool ;)


    Wayn N

    Bigglestone N

    Bowshot Bridge N

    Chambers N

    Charlton N -------

    Goodbrook N ----

    Hag's Mire N ---

    Justman N -----unclear, can't find a warp; also dustman are an extinct house :? so old ruins ...

    Keath N ----

    Lady of the Leaves E/N -- Editer needed

    Ramsford N

    Riverbend N

    Sevenstreams N

    Stone Mill N

    Stonyhead N

    Whitewalls N

    Wode N

    also the image below is the projects map, green is complete, yellow is active and building, orange is inactive and needs building and red is projects todo such as ramsford by fairmarket which is a small village,

    majic ;)
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    I actually drew the Riverlands on an A3 piece of paper, if anyone's interested :p
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    Also you got Vypren, and Terrick round the wrong way.
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  4. Good work.
    I think it would be great to have such a map of all regions. Especially as an overlay and in a form that allows easy editing. Thus progress tracking would be made much more accessable. There is this document in http://www.westeroscraft.com/threads/list-of-all-available-projects.270/ where wazgamer maintains a list of projects and their build state. Imagine that as an regional overlay for the dynmap (completed areas in green, incomplete in red, in progress in blue or something).
    A machine-readable region map might also benefit the MMORPG-developers, if they still exist.

    Edit: Disregard my post, I just noticed http://www.westeroscraft.com/threads/trade-and-transit.650/#post-2739
    Edit 2: Wait a second. Iwan's trade&transit does not specify regions, only Voronoi decomposition of by warp points.
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  5. lol yeah just saw haha did say things may be wrong waz heh :p
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    Maybe not the best quality, and the sigils are horrible. Might scan it onto pc and do some overlays in the future.

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    Look amazing.Keep going!
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