Approved Redo Appeal: Saltpans


Royal Messenger
I am appealing for Saltpans to be exempted from the No-Redo Rule under clause 1: b) Inadequate Canon Clause and c) Abandoned Build Clause

Saltpans made by Carci in 2013 only focus at town itself and castle with fields at north side.

I decide about redo because in scale of all lands belonging to project it is only small piece done and with the age of project it will be hard to have coherent style in lands.

Most of informations about town and lands around come form Arya chapter and Brienne which both visit this place.

From this sources we know that half day of ride from Saltpans along Trident are fields and farms. What's don't have representation currently with lack of road in mostly part of project.
Currently town doesn't have cannon sept and septon's house also lack of stables we know are located in town. Port is not fully represented in shops, inns and alehouses which according canon are around harbour. Besides salt-pans there is no signs in town and lands of producing salt in town, like places after cutting trees in forest for wood needed for evaporation of saltwater.
Town's walls also are not mentioned in books and with information of so easily riding the town, if we want have any wall it should be more like wooden palisade to protect more against wild animals an maybe more primitive mountains clans than any more organized troops.

I also talked with Carci in past he say he is happy with finally redo of the town.

I will also start thread about ideas of terra and general style of mountain border between Riverlands and Vale.
I hope i don't do too much mistakes in English and this is clear to understand.