1. Nomorefun_

    Riverlands-Vale border style proposition, discussions and inspirations

    hello everyone ! I want start discussion and debate about ideas and inspirations about style of houses and buildings along Riverlands-Vale border. The Mountains of the Moon separate both regions and makes it difficult to change style of building. When we sure about more alpine look and style of...
  2. Nomorefun_

    Approved Redo Appeal: Saltpans

    Hey! I am appealing for Saltpans to be exempted from the No-Redo Rule under clause 1: b) Inadequate Canon Clause and c) Abandoned Build Clause Saltpans made by Carci in 2013 only focus at town itself and castle with fields at north side. I decide about redo because in scale of all lands...
  3. zanji

    Completed Immersion Build Application - Tavern east of Stoney sept - by zanji

    Immersion Build Builder: zanji Coordinates: -519 56 10507 East of Stoney Sept Research/Inspiration Taverns and especially Inns are important for people traveling through the country. Mostly for the merchants, kingslanding isnt that far away and if you follow the streat southwards and...