Redo Appeal: House Estermont of Greenstone


I am appealing for Estermont to be exempted from the No-Redo Rule per clause 1(c) - Abandoned Build Clause.

Estermont was initially built by Reygame approx 2014-2015, and was fostered by Otmis and Wazgamer in 2018. Since then the project has been left untouched.

I understand that for the most part the build is complete, however I believe a redo is necessary due to the following reasons (in order of importance):
  • The island terraform needs major updating before closing out:
    • Beaches,
    • Pine forests,
    • Mountain shape, and
    • etc, etc, etc...
  • The land layout should be better organised:
    • Reducing the population of the island to better reflect its size and ability to sustain communities;
    • Ensuring roads connecting hamlets are sensical (looking at you mountain pass); and
    • Redesigning hamlets to better reflect their industry and to have corresponding workshops constructed to fulfill this.
  • The housing style and castle are outdated and do not meet current server standards.
A redo of Estermont would enable a proper terra to be conducted, and to ensure that the design of project facilitates an immersive RP experience when completed.

Thank you for your consideration,

Hey Knight_Krawler, I think Greenstone by default is exempt from the No-Redo rule as it is an abandoned build so unless someone has a powerful argument as to why what currently exists should be kept I don't see why anyone wouldn't be able to apply to redo or foster it.

I do however appreciate the throwback to the Veronicas o_O