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Hey everyone!

Continuing with God's Eye update, here are the tests and app. Jakethesnake8_8 has kindly agreed to work with me on the update, so some of the tests were made by him.

Our plans are very simple: we'll focus on updating only the terra, not any settlements or builds we find in the way. For the western shore, mostly occupied by the Willow Wood forest, the trees by the lake will be updated as well. For the rest of the lake the updates will be mostly minor, just the lakeshore itself and adding some vegetation and trees by the lake, leaving the more inland parts for the future projects. If anyone who is applying (or want to) for any project that would be affected wants to speak with me so that our plans don't clash, I'll be happy to hear their thoughts.

One idea we had is adding a marsh close to Harrenhals walls. Would be something different and I believe would fit very well with the looks of the castle. We have included a test for it bellow.

We also want to include in this an update for the God's Eye River, all the way to the Goode border, where Jake is working as an editor. The update would consist of this area:

These are our tests:
Jakes test for the river. Can be found at /warp editorfree4all

Test of an updated version of the Willow Wood forest. The original/current version can be found to the left of it, in my plot (/warp ric1)

Marsh test, to the left of it there's a more greenish version of it. Can also be found at my plot.

And here's the canon references we're using:
  • In her first chapters in A Clash of Kings Arya gives a brief description of what she sees in the God's Eye River, the lake itself and in the Willow Wood and the view of the northern shore after she leaves the forest:
The river was a blue-green ribbon shining in the morning sun. Reeds grew thick in the shallows along the banks, and Arya saw a water snake skimming across the surface, ripples spreading out behind it as it went. Overhead a hawk flew in lazy circles.
It seemed a peaceful place... until Koss spotted the dead man. "There, in the reeds." He pointed, and Arya saw it. The body of a soldier, shapeless and swollen. His sodden green cloak had hung up on a rotted log, and a school of tiny silver fishes were nibbling at his face. "I told you there was bodies," Lommy announced. "I could taste them in that water."
"They took the boats." Somehow Arya knew it was true; they could search the whole [God's Eye] town, and they'd find no more than the upside-down rowboat. Despondent, she climbed off her horse and knelt by the lake. The water lapped softly around her legs. A few lantern bugs were coming out, their little lights blinking on and off. The green water was warm as tears, but there was no salt in it. It tasted of summer and mud and growing things.
All the other places they'd come upon had been empty and desolate. Farms, villages, castles, septs, barns, it made no matter. If it could burn, the Lannisters had burned it; if it could die, they'd killed it. They had even set the woods ablaze where they could, though the leaves were still green and wet from recent rains, and the fires had not spread.
Every day they marched, and every night she said her names, until finally the trees thinned and gave way to a patchwork landscape of rolling hills, meandering streams, and sunlit fields, where the husks of burnt holdfasts thrust up black as rotten teeth. It was another long day's march before they glimpsed the towers of Harrenhal in the distance, hard beside the blue waters of the lake. [...] Yet they walked all that day and most of the next before at last they reached the fringes of Lord Tywin's army, encamped west of the castle amidst the scorched remains of a town. Harrenhal was deceptive from afar, because it was so huge. Its colossal curtain walls rose beside the lake, sheer and sudden as mountain cliffs
  • Going southeast from Harrenhal, following the lake, Jaime goes through a village and, later on, leaves the lake to go into "a wood of oak and elm". We're taking that into account when updating the area for the foliage, though both the settlement and the wood itself should be left for a future Harrenhal redo.
“They left through Harrenhal's smaller eastern gate [...] Walton meant to avoid the kingsroad as long as he could, preferring the farmer's tracks and game trails near the Gods Eye.
I have come this way before, Jaime reflected a few miles further on, when they passed a deserted mill beside the lake. Weeds now grew where once the miller's daughter had smiled shyly at him
The road led them through a burned village. It must have been a year or more since the place had been put to torch. The hovels stood blackened and roofless, but weeds were growing waist high in all the surrounding fields.
By evenfall they had left the lake to follow a rutted track through a wood of oak and elm.


Just a note, all work on the God's eye is halted until Ric's plans for the area are established and approved. However, I have made scripts for the lakeshore area which I have uploaded here.

In order to use the lakeshore script the top layer of grass should be green wool (35:13), water should be blue wool (35:11), the lakeshore material should be brown wool (35:12), and the water that forms little cutaway beaches should be light blue wool (35:3).

For the marshland script the top layer of grass should be green wool (35:13), water should be blue wool (35:11), the lakeshore material should be brown wool (35:12), and channels of water should be marked with white wool (35:0), and continue for some distance into the water so as to preserve that shape when the actual scripts are run.


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