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Hey Nic! I'm glad to see you applying for a project :D Very nice of you to want to depict the war path, you might want to check Dutch's Map on that.

So, I would like to make a suggestion based on Dunk and Egg canon, from the third tale (The Mystery Knight).
‘He gave Thunder a touch of the spur, and he and Egg rode through the gates of Stoney Sept, listening to the soft sound of the rain.
Six days later, the rain was just a memory. [...] ‘There's an old inn by the lakeshore.’ Dunk had stopped there once when he was squiring for the old man. ‘Ser Arlan said they brewed a fine brown ale. Might be we could have a taste while we waited for the ferry.’ [...] Their last hot meal had been three days ago. Since then, they had been living on windfalls and strips of old salt beef as hard as wood. [...] There is only the one ferry, and it is not big enough to take us all.
To give context, they were traveling from Stoney Sept to the Kingsroad and from there they would go to the North, so they headed to a ferry to cross the God's Eye. As the descripton says, there's an inn by the lakeshore, near or together with the ferry.

I believe the lands of House Chambers are the perfect place for it, specially because the lands to the north are already done and didn't have them. I think you could also make a new road so the journey from SS to the ferry is more direct maybe like this:
The brown is the current road from SS to the lake and the black is my suggestion.

Also I would like to ask a question: I read the wiki on Old Willow and all it says it that it was "a place". The canon quote for it from The Princess and the Queen is "Vhagar’s flames reduced Old Willow and White Willow to ash, and Hogg Hall to blackened stone". So, what kind of place would you make it be?


Hey Ric!

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Your idea for the road is really nice and I think that I will make use of it. The inn, as depicted in the source you cited, could very well be located by the lake. I'll just adjust my hamlet plans so that the inn wouldn't be alone there.

There's not much information on Old Willow so I believe that it was a small keep or a holdfast before it's destruction. I might change it's location a bit if I'm allowed and make it into a barely recognisable ruin (the peasants living nearby would probably have taken the most valuable stones away for their house uses). Butcher's Ball is going to be a meadow similar to Field of Fire, but with less fire references.

I will post some tests for the Old Willow ruins here but I think that eventually it will be a mini build open for anyone, once I'm settled with my plans. So I'm likely not going to make it myself (I suck at building ruins lol)...

[EDIT]: The road plans are now present in the app doc.
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A few extra notes on the level of destruction for this area:

I'm using dates from this spreadsheet.

- On 1/28/299 Tywin sends Amory, Gregor, and Vargo off with 300 cavalry.
“Let them,” Lord Tywin said. “Unleash Ser Gregor and send him before us with his reavers. Send forth Vargo Hoat and his freeriders as
well, and Ser Amory Lorch. Each is to have three hundred horse. Tell them I want to see the riverlands afire from the Gods Eye to the Red
Fork.” - GoT Ch.69, Tyrion 9

- A month later on 2/28/299 The God's Eye town (with Arya in it) is destroyed by Amory Lorch and his band of raiders, or about 5 days before 3/3/299, the unofficial server date. Presumably Amory is heading West around the God's Eye after having just come from trying to burn down Sow's Horn.

- This is important to point out as it may be that Amory hasn't actually reached Chambers yet by the time of our server. We don't know where Gregor or Vargo are, maybe one went east towards Maidenpool, the other along the western shore of the God's Eye, or north towards Atranta? We can only speculate. It may even be possible that Amory has already sacked Chambers and is burning the God's Eye town on his way back to Harrenhal. Either way, there are reasons for why the area around Chambers may or may not be damaged by raids, ultimately it's up to you.

Also just want to quickly point out that the Hayford Road (in purple below, as seen by activating the "Roads" layer on dynmap) runs through the Chambers area, which is a major route connecting Riverrun and King's Landing.



Thanks for pointing out the Hayford Road Dutch, I had completely forgotten about it. Also I've decided that I would go for a quite destructed type of area, maybe just a few spared houses like the Inn mentioned in Dunk and Egg canon, because ser Amory could have used that for his troops to stay at and so he would have spared it.

Here is a quick burned house test I did:
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Hey Nico,

Could you possibly include a map showing roughly what you might think the "path of destruction" through the area would be? That way you can show us what areas would be damaged. I'd like to also add this as a requirement for any central Riverlands project just so we can have some coherence between projects.