In Progress Project Application: House Amber by EverlastEvil


Hey Ever, love the project, one suggestion for the ringfort, is on the pathway inside, I'd make the dirt and grass more sloped into the ditch, because it looks unsupported and inorganic at the moment. In that same vein, the ditch around the fort, there are some areas that look very straight ;), particularly the 45d lines could use some more organic shaping.

Good Luck sir


A Knight at the Opera
Hey Kai,
Apologies with my excruciatingly slow pace with getting to post-approval.
I've taken a look around at the various Amber warps and it's looking like you've polished things off very nicely.
My one thought is just about this area of placeholder brown wool:

I saw your note that the area is earmarked for the Wolfswood expansion/redo that Carci had indicated he would be redoing at some stage. I can understand the hesitation about putting effort into forest that might get outdated/nuked and redone down the track, but it could be a long while before Carci has time to tackle the a Wolfswood Update (if possibly ever) and I'd hate to leave a big brown mark on the map like that indefinitely.

I'm wondering if we'd be better off just completing it either as Wolfswood forest consistent with the forest nearby, or just making it grassland consistent with the rest of Amber. Let me know what you think and happy to help with whatever you think.