Probation: Strijdheld


Hi Strijdheld or strij?

Welcome to the team.

I will be your probation Leader. The aim of the probation period is to build 5 houses in different regional styles. You can build as many houses you want but the 5 are mandatory. It would also be good to see you do at least 1 profession as well, this being 1 of your 5.

I prefer to go through the houses in game and post the bullet points here on the forums. Or if we do not see each other in game at the same time this will be given in full feedback here on your probation post.

My time zone Is GMT. 00.00, Im from the uk, you will find me on most nights between 6pm to 1am
You can contact me via discord I normally have this open. my Discord is IMajic#0500

If there is anything you need help with, just ask!

When you post your builds here on the forums please post following information:

  1. Build number.
    Number them on the plot and in here when you post.
  2. /warp ****
  3. Coordinates xx/yy/zz

Here is some useful information.
  • You can find plots on the dyn map, via the menu.
  • You can also find plots at /warp build
  • To diversify your garden plants see /warp crops
  • When making houses with professions see /warp jobs
  • You can always ask people for help, someone will certainly answer.
  • I suggest you have the same name on forums as in-game (if you have two names, it can be changed here Name change ).
  • This here is the New Builders Guide

Some useful commands.
/back [warps back to your previous location]​
/thru [allows you to go through walls]​
/nv [Night Vision]​
/list [lists the players online-useful to see ranks]​
/seen [example- /seen Imajic -checks when I was last online]​

I suggest you make a custom "tag" to distinguish your tag block from the rest. One or two blocks should do it.
Good luck with your builds and have fun.

Thanks Maj
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kl is a hard style, I will check it tonight.

Ill post the feedback On here for the other 2 plots that we went over in game. Your orme has been approved.

Make sure to check back at old plots and see if the project lead has left melons - in this instance there isnt any.

thanks maj


Yeah I like the result, Though i had some help from endy.

Also finished my 4th build @/warp Varnerham2
XYZ: -2935, 64, 15080
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Yeah thats good,
always good to have help/tips and changes on builds from other builders/mods so don’t worry.
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First Primary Feedback

1st house @/warp orme

Went over in game, quite a few tweaks to change, nothing to serious though.

Feedback to remember.
  • 1. Make sure to mix up the base layer underneath veggie patches in the gardens. Using just farmland looks to plain and doesn’t work to well [sometimes it’s ok] so use dirt/mud/ plowed soil/ pine needles. make sure the mix is good and doesn’t clash/contrast.

  • 2. use the space better in the house, think about where you place certain decor in the house such as table/ cubboards / beds /fireplace - this shouldn’t be by a window.

  • 3. Changed the doorway to ave stairs above. having a full daub block over the door doesn’t look good and isn’t supported so we use stairs/slabs with half door above doorways to support the doorway.

  • 4. added a bit more grass, [you added some which was good. but when using the grass block remember that grass block should always (if it can) be covered by fern/grass or other plants.

  • 5. added some cute plants around the front and some extra fern around.

2nd house @/warp Torseptry

Went over in game, a few tweaks to change, nothing to serious though. -no yard

Feedback to remember.

  • 1. good work on the roof/pallete for this build. did some minor tweaks with the layout inside - so always play around with the interiors try a few things to see what works well as your still getting used to the styles.

  • good work following the style guide, I see you studied it.

  • It’s always very good to study and really go over the style guide before building in the region/place unless you have already built in that style before.

3rd build a Carpenter @/Warp KL9

No problems.

very good work and hopefully it was fun learning from endymion as he is a good builder.

4th build @/warp Varnerham2

A few tweaks to change, nothing to serious though.


  • I think you should change the daub and wattle to be more structurally laid out.
  • Also the wooden oak blocks work well on an odd number but I think the oak planks would work better here on an even number.
    [ I just think it looks aesthetically more pleasing]

  • The wattle can come down 1 for this, as I think wattle doesn't need to be this high as its a family house and inst shared so screening it off
    isn't required. maybe say in a shared dorm for septa screening may be more required in that instance.

  • Melon left by the project lead.

  • going back to your first house. you shouldn't just use farmland for the sake of 'making it fast', mix it up; add some dirt or even a weed to the veggies. maybe add some fruiting bush ig. blackberry bush so they have some fruit. Maybe on the outside of the wall?


    make sure to remember to use thatch blocks in the floor [the gravel block replaced with thatch] to make it a bit more uneven but keeping it having a nice lil shape, the 3 thatch carpets don't look that good, so mix it in with the thatch blocks. the nearby houses have an example.

    Hope this feedback makes sense and you are okey with everything that has been said in this post,
    if your unsure about anything just message me.

    thx Maj


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Hi Strijdheld,
I haven't seen you in game recently.

I saw your Tumbleton house. great work.
I went through this house afterwards and there was some minor changes and tweaks, I helped you change and tweak a few bits whilst you were building the house.

Feedback for House 5-Tumbleton
  • Make sure that the floor isn't just gravel. in previous houses you had used both dirt and gravel as a semi random mix, you want todo this in most houses that don't have a wood/stone floor.
  • slightly tweaked the single bedroom to fit the decor blocks with the stairs
  • the little windows you made in the kitchen were using 2 stairs blocks beside one another to make tiny windows id just stick to the style used for other houses and use the little 1x1 arrow slit to create this.
  • slight aesthetic tweak the attic is very well made and spaced out nicely. I just changed the little dividing wall all the way up to the ceiling as I felt it looks better.
  • Luk will probably look at this house and change a few things. As he has previously done for other houses, so don't worry -project leads have the final say.

You have completed the mandatory 5 houses in 5 regions. Great work overall.
You have 10 days left of probation now.

I think you are at a point you are building to a high standard and now have completed 5 houses in 5 different regions including 2 of these being different professions.

Now looking to the future it would be cool for you to build a few more houses as to improve your skills further, to use other blocks and learn other styles or to find a location you enjoy building at.

  • If you want, I can go through the basics of world edit and voxel sniper [it is actually quite easy to learn]
    as I like to teach my probies to use this, to help with other tasks such as
    - doing a small bit of terra for a building
    - putting down a tree/bush.
    - help moving things or using commands to help build a large building [e.g sept]

  • Learning the basics of world edit will help with future mini projects or projects if you wish to take this on. I will tell you some final things in the final post when your probation is complete.
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Hey maj,

Unfortunately I have been quite busy with Uni the last few days, though that is luckily almost over. I would still love to build some extra houses even after the probation is over to hone my skills and learn some new building styles. And I would love to learn how to use world edit when we are both online again.
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Hi strij,
It's cool, we all have things going on in our lives, so no problem.

If your building/leading something, you can just tell a mod or post it here in the forums in the correct corresponding thread you won't be around for x amount of time.

Im sure you will continue building houses.


I think your standard of building is sufficient to become a full builder. So i approve you as your probation leader, so next time you hop on just ask a mod to promote you to full builder.

You will also be assigned a testing plot. you can pick the test plot yourself and a mod will set a warp for it.

As a full builder you have access to apply for things such as :-
  • A Large building that requires testing.
  • A Large complex.
  • An Immersion project.
  • A Holdfast mini project
  • A Hamlet mini project
  • A Sept/Septry

At the moment as a builder you can not lead

Leading a full project = requires you to have led a Hamlet and Holdfast/Septry.

Terrain projects = requires to have led at least 1 project and show sufficient world edit skills.
Leading a city district = requires to have led 1 project

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Hey Maj,

Thank you for your great help as my probation leader, I have already learned much, And I am looking forward in helping to improve this server even more.
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