Probation: Lord_Duckston


Hi Duckston,
welcome to the team, I saw you had a quick application post. I hope to see you active on the server.

I will be your probation Leader. The aim of the probation period is to build 5 houses in different regional styles. You can build as many houses you want but the 5 are mandatory. It would also be good to see you do at least 1 profession as well, this being 1 of your 5.

During your probation, I would like you to try and complete as many of the following tasks to find your niche:

1) Build in all the following regions:
a) The North
b) The Vale
c) The Riverland's
d) The Crownlands
e) The Storm lands
f) The Westerlands
g) The Reach
h) Dorne

2) Build all the following classes:
a) Low class
b) Middle class
c) High class (if you can't find anywhere open, pick a plot somewhere, ask someone to copy it to your own plot and build it as though you were making a test for it)

3) Build the following places:
a) In a hamlet
b) In a rural location with animal pens/farms.
c) In a town

4) Make a test for something and have it approved.
[section copied from spike]

I prefer to go through the houses in game and post the bullet points here on the forums. Or if we do not see each other in game at the same time this will be given in full feedback here on your probation post.

My time zone Is GMT. 00.00, Im from the UK, you will find me on most nights between 6pm to 1am
You can contact me via discord I normally have this open. my Discord is IMajic#0500
If there is anything you need help with, just ask.

When you post your builds here on the forums please post following information:
  1. Build number.
  2. Number them on the plot and in here when you post.
  3. /warp ****
  4. Coordinates xx/yy/zz

Here is some useful information.

  • You can find plots on the dyn map, via the menu.
  • You can also find plots at /warp build
  • To diversify your garden plants see /warp crops
  • When making houses with professions see /warp jobs
  • You can always ask people for help, someone will certainly answer.
  • I suggest you have the same name on forums as in-game (if you have two names, it can be changed here Name change ).
  • This here is the New Builders Guide

Some useful commands.

/back [warps back to your previous location]
/thru [allows you to go through walls]
/nv [Night Vision]
/list [lists the players online-useful to see ranks]
/seen [example- /seen Imajic -checks when I was last online]

I suggest you make a custom "tag" to distinguish your tag block from the rest. One or two blocks should do it.

Thanks Maj


Thank you for such a quick reply, but I cant seem to add you in discord, is the name and tag correct?

You can contact me via discord I normally have this open. my Discord is IMajic#0500
If there is anything you need help with, just ask.
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Build 1. Carpenter in /warp sfham3. x=-7175, y=11165
I have a question. This house shares a yard with a barn. Do I just build my half of the yard or wait for a barn builder to make the yard together? The barn isn't even started yet.


Depending on the barn, some barns are storehouses - storing a multitude of goods or can be focused for something specific like storing grains or animal feeds.

If its an animal barn they usually have land around them, are in the middle or side of a field.

It is more common to find store-barns or warehouse in settlements, they don't have a yard around them, so in that case the yard/garden is owned by the house that borders it.


First Feedback

1st house
@/warp SFHam3
7175, y=11165

Feedback Via Melons.

  • 1. In the living area, you have 3 tables, there s no need to have this many for a small houses, most of the chopping of foods/ housework would be done on the one table, so re work the living area.

  • 2. Their are sacks of flour under one of the tables, sacks wouldn't support the weight and the flour could be ruined by this, the table also wouldn't be supported. so i would move the flour from under there to somewhere else.

  • 3. You have also used light vivid stone on the exterior wall, please change this to monotone as the vivid doesn't match in well with the arbor blocks,
    -look at the other houses as reference to get the idea.

  • 4. Please use the entire yard space, don't waste space, they would grow a lot more veggies and use up as much space as they could.
    - I have left an example of how to use the space better for this yard as the yard has a hight variation and can be tricky to work with. So try something out like this, however you want it to be.
    Also the working area is nicely done at the top, so leave this.
Great work on this build. pretty much well exectuted apart from minor things.

2nd house
@/warp Lonmouthtownx
3609, y=18659

Town mayor

Feedback Via Melons.
  • 1. Changed the number of bookshelf blocks in the main living space room, from 3 blocks to 1 block.

    = remember = Bookshelves
    Books are very expensive and owning just a few books would have costed a lot of money. generally they are reserved to the high class which a town mayor is usually a mid class, but is still literate. The storm lands is also quite a poor region.

  • 2. make sure beds are closer to warm areas of the house, so away from windows and doors, genuinely close to chimneys or fireplaces found in the room [if it is a large wealthy build].

    = Remember = dyed colour beds
    You had all the beds being what we reserve as high/high mid class houses. in mid class houses we really only keep 1 main bed using the coloured linen bed due to it also being quite expensive due to dyes.

  • 3. make sure to keep your thatch carpets neat and semi random formed.
    you have done this well in both large rooms but in this little entry area you can do something like this, Im not sure if I did leave a melon here.
I also did these small changes to show you how I find things a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

I saw you had addressed the melons already, so great work.
Great work on the exterior!

Your interior could still use a bit of work, which will come in time and learning the blocks and using storage better.
Creating storage can be better over using the drawer/cupboard blocks, so have a play around when you next do a plot.

You nailed the styles and did great work.
thx maj


Hello and thank you for your feedback.

Can't argue with any of them apart from flour sack under that table. It was supposed to show flour sack just being stored under the table, not table standing on them. I've seen other builders do this and it made sense to me so I carried it over to my build. But I did move them in the end because I had free space after tweaking the living room, as you asked me. I have also expanded the garden.

3rd house
/warp elderbrook
x=2929, z=15191
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Your right a flour sack can work under a table.

I just think it doesn't work to well in my opinion when the table sits on top of flour, being in the floor under 2 hoppers side by side.

Sacks can work under a table with an oak carpet on top so they are on ground level instead of in the floor level.
= so I would try to avoid things like that, though if others have done that; then it is their choice and down to the project lead to moderate it.
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3rd house
/warp elderbrook
x=2929, z=15191

Feedback Via in game.

We went over in game together. I really like the style in this location, the exteriors are nice. a bit contrasting with the palette but it works.
we changed the rafters so they were better supported and the stairs in a bit more off a suitable location. changed a few other things.

Remember - Include ideas taken from the household profession, as this family are fishers, include things like nets and fish.
This can give a house some character and anyone walking inside can recognise what they do as a living.

Melon - left by the project lead = 1 melon to change the oven/fireplace design. maybe just keep it simple, the project lead said to look at other houses for inspiration. What I can see is that the other designs are not enclosed and more open fireplace designs in this project houses, so do the same.

4th house
/warp goodeham
x=389, z=12098

Feedback Via House Example above the current house in game.

The project lead has left some melons for you to go back and edit this build.

1. project lead wanted you to change the slabs as chairs to having them put away inside the table. I have done an example on the house above, this is one example to put the chairs inside the table. Another design would be to use a half door on the side with an oak carpet and the chair being in place under the oak carpet.

2. Also the project leader wanted you to have More storage, a good spot is in those 2x1 spaces, which you can use shelves/cabinets ect.

3. make a woodcutter outdoor section to this build. - you can include things like a wood shed, cutting area, maybe a small woodcutters shed where they keep there tools like axes.

I would like to see you do a mid class house or some sort of town profession.

There are plots in /warp kl13 and /warp kl14

If you are not sure and can not find a plot, ask in chat. Plenty of nice people can help you find a plot.

There are also plots opened up at /warp horn vale = a town led by lemons.

I also am leading a hamlet for lemons at /warp hvhf1 = though these are rural houses so no need to build here for your 5th maybe come back to this location if you like it.

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I adressed all of the feedback, hope now it works. And I started my work on a house in Horn Vale:

5th house
/warp hornvale
x=-4354, z=11311
Upper middle class candlemaker


Hi Duckston,

I have checked the house over and seems ok so far. I see it is a W.I.P house, I will review it when it is done.
Hopefully everything is going ok and you are still interested.

House 5 -tips
If you are a bit stuck for ideas, you can take a look at kl and find a candlemaker for inspiration, I think we have a candlemaker guide at /warp professions. Also for palette/floor/ceilings you can take a look at the other houses in the town for ideas. Make sure to look at approved houses or ones that were made by full builders so can take some ideas.
[Don't take ideas from a mother probe unless the house is approved in case a probie has made a mistake and you don't copy that mistake].
I also had built a house here in the town, so you can take a look at the floors/rafters/ceiling.

There are a few new places that have opened up recently, so you can try out plenty of styles. take a look at /warp build or the dynamic map on the website has a dropdown box in the top left where you can tick the box 'open plot' = this will show any marked open plots across the map. Another way can be to ask in chat is their are any open plots to build.



5th house / 6th house
/warp Hornvale
x=-4354, z=11311
Chandler and gravedigger

Feedback Via in game, Melons and A chandler workspace example above the plot.

We checked the houses over in game. No huge problems, I want to see an improvement in your interior use of space.

A good way to look at this should be looking at other locations with approved houses such as Duskendale and parts of completed kings landing. You need to look at how space is used and what blocks work well in spaces, this is more about learning the blocks at this stage.

I also left you ideas for the chandler ground floor workshop, which you created your own approach so good work. you addressed the melons, remember stairs can work well on the outside and allow more space on the inside. Generally workshop/profession/shop is found on the ground floor level so I'm mentioning this for future practice. This might not follow tradition and the project leader could ask for it to be on the second floor which is normally sign posted on the plot.

With all types of professions you can always check houses found within cities for inspiration such as kings landing and Duskendale. Interiors do not change much. This would really help by you directly looking at other builders use of space.

You had some cool ideas for the gravedigger and we went over it in game and added/changed a few things.

So next I would like you to build a kings landing house if that is ok, this will help you develop your skills with layout and interior spacing.
That is once you have completed your 7th house found in Hornvale.

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I am extending your probation an extra 7 days to finish of your current probation houses. [20th October]
Currently in hornvale and to create another house in KL, unless I find no issues with your Hornvale house.

once you have finished these I will get a mod to promote you to full builder, which I will explain in a later message.
You can achieve this quickly and if you don't have time, busy in real life. I can add another week extension if required.