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Alright Jake. So your first house in the second round :D

There was a bunch of feedback from lemon about the shape and some other general stuff. Take a look at that.

Other than that, here is some pointers from me:

These are all related to the fact that peasants are pretty poor so you have to be careful when doing ints (also exts of course):
  • Use wooden not pewter plates. Pewter is too expensive.
  • Full blocks bread is too much for a simple peasant family.
  • Stools are something id reserve for mid-class houses not low. Use fur or thatch.
  • 3 wood and iron chests are a bit much. The woman of the house would have just brought one when she moved in.
  • You have used 3 cabinets. I dont use them at all for low-class, but if you do just use 1 or max 2.
  • Its a small thing but for a poor low-class household i would say that 2 benches with kitchen stuff is too expensive. Id just use 1. And have a crate that doubles as storage.

  • When doing the thatch carpets dont scatter. Have it in patches.
  • Dont have 3 pieces of meats hanging from the celling. 1 its expensive. 2 its messy.
  • There is no rafters :I (stuff that covers the slate roof, from the inside). See the other houses around and add that.
  • The firewood block should be supported from both sides. You can use wattle.
  • The clothes lines should probably go from wall to wall. The current gate block looks awkward.
  • Outside the is a bench block with 2 exposed sides!
Looking better for sure!

Little tip. You can use the /nv command to get nightvision so you dont have use the potions. Also you have to post pictures just, leave the warp and coordinates, and its good.

The house:

  • There still is a lot of chest going on. Just have one (big or small does not matter).
  • Dont have heavy things like chests or crates in areas only accessible by ladder. It would be a lot of trouble getting it up there.
  • Two candles are a lot for some poor peasants just have 1. And definitely dont have 2 burning candles.
  • Also there now is 2 ladders? 1 might be enough.
Heyo Jake.

Looks like a made a mistake in my last poste. What i meant to say is, you dont need to post pictures with the builds. Just the warp is enough.

The Mance tents.
  • I moved or removed the places where the fence blocks had connection to firewood blocks.
  • Also is firewood blocks necessary in tents with no fireplaces in or around? I left it in one of them, removed it in another because there was no space anyways.
VkMine house to the south things to fix:
  • Make sure not to use dark thatch as carpet in the south.
  • Never put dark and light thatch right next to each other.
  • Personally i think the huge oven is a bit overkill, but i see its also in some other approved houses. So just leave it then.
  • Attach the oven directly yo the celling (i did that for you).
  • Use light thatch for seats in the south.
  • There is a hole in the floor under the table :O

VkMine house to the north things to fix.
  • Use light thatch for seats in the south.
  • Put firewood so it lies on its side. Like it would in real life.
  • Never put chests in places where it cant be reached by stairs. In its current location you cant even open it.

Moving forward id like you to make bigger beds. As whole families would sleep in one bed.
Also lets structure this probie thread. From now on i want you to have folowing things in the post when you have build a house.
  1. /warp ????
  2. Coordinates
  3. Build number. So the Oxcross chesemaker would be "Probie build 1". Write this in the post. And on the tag at the build.

But all in all its getting better house for house :D
ah ok. with regards to the bed thingy, the thatch was intended to make it look more peasant-y and i realise it didn't come off that way. i'll get to work on fixing that
Probie build 1
/warp oxcross
x: -6702, z: 11031, y: 48

Probie build 2
/warp mancescamp5
x: -1800, z: -20390, y: 43

Probie build 3
/warp mancescamp5
x: -1816, z: -20382, y: 43

Probie build 4
/warp mancescamp5
x: -1820, z:-20386, y: 41

Probie build 5
/warp mancescamp5
x: -1822, z: -20406, y: 41

Probie build 6
/warp mancescamp5
x: -1824, z: -20411, y: 41

Probie build 7
/warp vkmine
x: -6372, z: 9045, y: 66

Probie build 8
/warp vkmine
x: -6369, z: 9000, y: 66
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Hey Jake!

You have been very productive! Its good to see.

Probie build 9
/warp queensgate

We went through it in-game.

Probie build 10
/warp duskendale

You made three floors, i a house which should probably only have two. Its kinda cramped on the second floor. Try to make sure that rooms always has three blocks to the celling.

Other things
  • No full blocks of bread in a ordinary house.
  • The second floor fireplace looks kinda awkward, id drop it.
Probie build 11
/warp norrey

Looks good :D

Probie build 12
/warp vkhamlet

Looking good
  • When making shelfs use oak carpets not slabs. I fixed it.

Probie build 13
/warp vkmine

Small house not much to say. Good job.
  • Only thing is that the firewood storage shelter? or what ever it is called. I drop the stairs. I fixed it in game, have a look.
  • Use oak door in the south. I fixed it.
Probie build 14
/warp seascale
  • I added a dark thatch carpet.
  • The fireplace is a fire hazard with wood just openly exposed to the sides. So i fixed that. But it is kinda a weird situation, so there is no great solution.
  • Added a basket.

So you are doing good. Only thing is you should take a look at the Duskendale house again. And make it only two floors, maybe with a loft?
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