Probation: InvertedWinger

I just finished my first probation build, it is a farmer's house with a garden.

It is located NW of /warp varner.

Cooridantes: 2880, 15400
Hey InvertedWinger, congrats! :D

I'll be your probation leader for the following month. I think you already know, but just to have this here: you'll have to build at least 5 houses in 5 different places. I'll give you feedback on all those houses and on the others you make within the period. I prefer to give feedback directly to you, but I may leave it on the house and/or in this thread if necessary. If when the months passes you're up to standards, I'll approve you as a full builder.

Also, we've been through your first house already, nice work.

If you have any more questions just send them to me. Good luck! :)
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I finished my eighth probation build, it's a byre-dwelling seamstress's house with a garden.

It is located near /warp varnerham1.

Coordinates: -2770, 15456.