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Keath homes critiqued there are quite a few melons to be noted.

NOTE THESE HOMES ARE APPROVED. I do not like critiquing approved homes as it indicates it was up to that builders standards and may indicate changes they made. However, I still feel bad about you HG homes so I'll go along with these especially since I'm seeing mistakes that concern me, and that the approving leader should have noted. Some of these critiques are me being strict to push you in the appropriate direction thinking and notifying you of common trends some builders hate.

These are approved homes, therefore technically they should not be changed go through and read the melons.


Jungle wood toward the bottom oak towards the top.

Why? Particularly in the Riverlands the grounds are wet from rain and retain water in the soil. This moisture will keep the bottom of the homes wood wet as well, causing the wood to rot faster. Rotting wood is generally darker.


Too many food-filled crates, and tools.

Why? Tools weren't cheap to buy as they often had to be made out of iron and make by a blacksmith. I often enforce a rule of one tool bench per poorer homes if any at all.

Food came from their gardens and the rest was sold off. What came from their gardens often wasn't much.
Sausages were more likely to be bought from butchers and therefore more expensive. THe more food they had the better off they were and that is exactly what these people aren't.

AVOID the "hallway effect" AKA pushing things to the side to make space. I understand 100% these buildings are 3x10 but always aim to avoid making things feel parallel or pushing to the sides. You're not necessarily making that mistake but its advice for the future. As it'll make the home feel one dimensional and like "a hallway" when you walk down it.


for the most part
Bone meal your gardens

Why? Cause it looks better and most builder prefer that you do

Your homes do come across as if they were recently harvested tho, but the seeds wouldn't be planted and sprouts are regrown so quickly.

Smooth your walls, looks much less choppy, a style that is considered dated to me and some other builders.
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Sorry for the late reply. I've been very busy with the beginning of school this week.
You said they had been approved but I didn't see the approved block and as far as I can remember there haven't been made any changes to the houses.
Hopefully I have fixed all the problems with the houses. I've assumed that bone marrow is the same as bone meal if not please let me know.
Don't worry about HG I enjoyed building them and that's the important part.


Hey Gijz, you month should be up by now. I'd really would like for you to move up, are you still interested? I haven't officially given the stamp of approval, but none the less provide me one last home to finalize it all, and you'd probably be set to remove the N and get a plot ( new 200x200 ones coming out too :D!)

Hope school is going well, everyone on the server knows just as well the struggle to keep up with this and schooling!


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Sorry for kind of stealing your show a bit Otty but I placed a few melons over in a little cluster of Gijzen's houses near HG. X:-5022.987 Y:57.88163 Z: 18457.771. I think they are early houses and have some info that might have been learnt already. Wasn't sure at the time of placing melons whether they were or not. I suggest Gijzenezer has a look at some point as some of them need the tiniest bit of a touch up to be server standard in my reckoning
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