Completed Probation: eag_inc


Hello Aegon_Incorporated and welcome to Westeroscraft.

I am Spikespiegel and I will be your probation officer for the coming month or so.

During this month, I would like you to try and complete as many of the following tasks to find your niche:
1) Build in all the following regions:
a) The North
b) The Vale
c) The Riverlands
d) The Crownlands
e) The Stormlands
f) The Westerlands
g) The Reach
h) Dorne
2) Build all the following classes:
a) Low class
b) Middle class
c) High class (if you can't find anywhere open, pick a plot somewhere, copy it to your own plot and build it as though you were making a test for it)
3) Build the following places:
a) In a hamlet
b) In a rural location with animal pens/farms.
c) In a town
4) Make a test for something and have it approved.

When you post your builds here on the forums please post the following information:
Build number.
/warp ****
Coordinates xx/zz (Height doesnt really matter)

The probation period is usually a month, but if I deem you’re not ready I’ll extend the time, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, mistakes are always important regardless if you are a probie or a mod, but, if there’s any better time to make mistakes it’s during probation! And while building you can and should ask for help from other builders, hear their explanations, look at their examples and ways of doing things. But don’t let them build and step in your place, the purpose is not to make state-of-the-art pieces with the highest standard, it’s for you to learn and improve, that only happens if you do it yourself.

I am from the same timezone as you, but as I work evening and night shifts, you may find me unavailable when you are online. You can always send me an ingame message, using /msg Spikespiegel or you can hit me up on our Discord server. My nick there is PolarFox.

Again, welcome to the server. Enjoy your time here and remember to have fun :)


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Build #7 ghosthill rock cave house place thing
/warp ghosthill
7238, 23691

also worked on some exteriors with gawain in ghosthill like 2 months ago.. i forgor
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