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    Heyyo, this is my probation thread.
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  2. Hi Augurex, As we have spoken in game yesterday I will be your probation leader. Your trial period will be for 1 month which you will have to build 5 different houses in all different styles preferably in different regions. You can build as many houses as you want and after the initial 5 you can tackle a profession plot as it’s best todo houses first.

    I will review them in game when you are online so we can go through them and do any changes necessary. Make sure to check out the style guide found at the closest warp and looking at houses nearby. You can also ask builders for houses on there projects on the server and good warps to check are /warp furnish and /warp build.

    Have fun, ask questions and make sure before starting a plot to ask the project lead if the plot is open to build. Also I am from the uk so I will be on most nights and on at weekends

    Thanks maj
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    PB01: /warp whsprawl

    Farmer's house.

    1791, 41, -2924
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    I don't know if this counts as an official probation build, since the exterior isn't mine, but thought I should drop these coords here anyway.

    Brothel interior, at Howy's invitation.

    -1634, 47, 11024
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    @DylanLovesYouJP @Xeson

    Thanks for the feedback!

    The weirwood leaves were a spur-of-the-moment design choice trying to impart the brothel with lots of red. I was pretending they were some other red-leafed plant besides weirwood. But fridge logic tells me they don't make any sense because there's no sunlight, and they can't be fake, because, well, there's no plastic in Westeros. I will replace them with something else.

    I have two follow-up questions:

    1.) what is the custom on WC regarding what a block usually represents (as indicated by its name) and what it can be pretended to be otherwise?

    2.) any suggestions for what should go in the plants' place?
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  6. Hey Augurex! I'm not your probation leader so I hope @oOIOoMajic doesn't feel like I'm stepping on his toes here!

    Blocks in WC tend to be used as their appearance dictates (turnip baskets are baskets full of turnips, a crate is a crate etc.) but there are times when certain blocks can be used to represent other things for example the butcher's bench can be used as knives and tools for a barber-surgeon. With blocks such as weirwood leaves, however, their use is, as far as I know, just as leaves for weirwood trees so seeing them outside of this setting is a little strange. If you're ever unsure whether a block you're using or want to use isn't appropriate then just ask and I'm sure anybody online will be willing to help you out!

    If you're wanting to stick with the red theme then sour leaf, fireweed or any of the other red flowers would work just fine. Plants can be kept indoors, they'd just need a reasonable source of sunlight and some diligent watering. Lots of us use potted plants to add interest to interiors so don't worry too much about that.

    Hope this helps!
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    That was very helpful, answered all my questions, so thank you!

    I think I'll go with crates of sour leaf, but not any floral arrangements, since there isn't really any direct sunlight.
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    PB02: /warp holyhall

    Flax farmer's house.

    -5144, 60, 17842
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    PB03: /warp stoneysept

    Poor merchant and family's house.

    -1657, 44, 11215
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    PB04: /warp wylhamsouth

    Farmer's house. With heapings of help from Endy.

    1410, 47, 21867
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    PB05: /warp uffquarry

    Worker's house.

    -5775, 59, 17190
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    PB06: /warp uffquarry

    Worker's house.

    -5746, 59, 17197
  13. Hey Augurex,
    Firstly I do apologise with me being away lately, I have had a few deaths in my family and funerals following them, I have also been away on holiday and am now back again.
    I hope you have been having a good time building on the server so far and have spoken to other builders for advice and plots.

    I will be on more frequently as I want to get back to my coop project and back to your probation, I will check over your houses tonight and will give some critiques/advice on them.

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    I liked your post for all the happy WC business, but disliked the deaths in the family. I hope you’re doing well? And I’m glad to see you back!
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    PB07: /warp wh4

    Farmer's house.

    1702, 41, -3078
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    PB08: /warp banefort

    Farmer's house, in a Banefort hamlet without a warp.

    -6427, 39, 7647
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    PB09: /warp uffquarry

    Worker's house.

    -5848, 59, 17173