OT Server Builds: Introduction

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Server Projects include the three major canon locations in Oldtown: The Battle Isle and the Hightower, the Citadel, and the Starry Sept. Due to their significance most readers of the books have their own, distinct vision of these locations. The aim of the server builds is to attempt to find a common ground for the majority of our members.
Like all of our server builds, each of these three will be prepared in advance by 1 to at most 2 veteran builders or mods, and everybody else will have the opportunity to contribute by completing a number of tasks of varying size.

Details about each of the three server builds is going to be provided in the respective threads. The server build leaders chosen thus far are:
  • Battle Isle/Hightower: Arkilstorm + WhereRMyDragons
  • Starry Sept: tbd + tbd
  • The Citadel: tbd + tbd


Like other server projects before, it will be possible to lead small groups of builders, each focusing on a single structure or other part of the server project. We're going to call each of these teams a Chapter. A Chapter consists of up to 7 people, and one Chapter Leader.

Chapter Leader​

The Chapter Leader organises the chapter, coordinates with the mods, is responsible for identifying requirements, roadblocks and whatever else their Chapter needs to succeed. Any member with at least 2 Mini Projects on their resume are allowed to apply to become a chapter leader. You must not be the chapter leader of more than one Chapter of the same server project. That means that you can lead one Chapter in each of the three Server Projects.

Chapter Members​

Contribute to the Chapter's goal. Contact the Chapter lead of the project you're interested in in order to join the Chapter.
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